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Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

16 February 2010
by Ina Dimireva -- last modified 17 February 2010

Responsibilities, contacts and latest studies of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy


Committee responsible for:

  1. the Union's industrial policy and the application of new technologies, including measures relating to SMEs;
  2. the Union's research policy, including the dissemination and exploitation of research findings;
  3. space policy;
  4. the activities of the Joint Research Centre and the Central Office for Nuclear Measurements, as well as JET, ITER and other projects in the same area;
  5. Union measures relating to energy policy in general, the security of energy supply and energy efficiency including the establishment and development of trans-European networks in the energy infrastructure sector;
  6. the Euratom Treaty and Euratom Supply Agency; nuclear safety, decommissioning and waste disposal in the nuclear sector;
  7. the information society and information technology, including the establishment and development of trans-European networks in the telecommunication infrastructure sector.



+32 2 28 43299 (Brussels)
+33 3 881 79036 (Strasbourg)

Meeting documents

Latest studies of the Committee

Next Generation Networks (NTNs)

The migration to Next Generation Networks (NGNs) has significant implications for the technical architecture and design of (access and core) network infrastructure, and also for the value chains and business models of electronic communications service provision. The nature and scope of competition is affected in many ways. This study seeks to highlight key NGN-related issues that are relevant to public policy, to assess the challenges that have been raised, and to consider options for public and regulatory policy.

Full Report (15.10.2009)


Source: European Parliament

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