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Energy Policy in the EU

Latest news on the energy policy of the European Union.

Building Consortia for Energy 2018-2020 (Brussels, from 05 March 2018, 12:45 CET to 06 March 2018, 14:00 CET) —
Building Consortia for Energy 2018-2020 takes place on 5-6 March 2018 in central Brussels.

EU approval of six electricity capacity mechanisms to ensure security of supply 08 February 2018, 14:05 CET
The European Commission approved on 7 February under EU State aid rules electricity capacity mechanisms in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland. The Commission found that the measures will contribute to ensuring security of supply whilst preserving competition in the Single Market.

Electricity backup systems given EC green light 08 February 2018, 14:33 CET
The European Commission approved Wednesday under EU State aid rules six electricity capacity mechanisms in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland, to safeguard security of electricity supply.

EU states endorse deal on energy efficient buildings 31 January 2018, 22:59 CET
EU states confirmed Wednesday a political agreement on the revised directive on the energy performance of buildings, to improve energy efficiency in buildings and encourage building renovation.

France-Spain energy link receives EUR 578m EU funding 29 January 2018, 23:11 CET
EUR 578 m of EU money is to be channelled into a major electricity interconnection project between Spain and France, as part of the EU's Connecting Europe Facility infrastructure investment instrument.

European Parliament votes to increase renewable energy target 19 January 2018, 11:47 CET
The European Parliament voted on 17 January to increase the EU’s 2030 renewable energy target to 35 per cent.

MEPs deliver on energy efficiency and governance, but drop ball on biomass 18 January 2018, 00:33 CET
The European Parliament today added a dose of ambition to the European Commission’s energy efficiency proposal and supported a 2050 climate goal for the EU. However, it also voted for weak renewables targets and in favour of burning trees for energy.

MEPs raise targets for energy efficiency and renewables 18 January 2018, 16:10 CET
The EU Parliament signalled its readiness Wednesday to negotiate with ministers on binding targets to boost energy efficiency by 35% and the share of renewables in the total energy mix by 35%, by 2030.

Clean Energy for All Europeans 17 January 2018, 20:44 CET
On 30 November 2016, the European Commission presented a new package of measures with the goal of providing the stable legislative framework needed to facilitate the clean energy transition - and thereby taking a significant step towards the creation of the Energy Union. Aimed at enabling the EU to deliver on its Paris Agreement commitments, the 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' proposals are intended to help the EU energy sector become more stable, more competitive, and more sustainable, and fit for the 21st century. With a view to stimulating investment in the clean energy transition, the package has three main goals: Putting energy efficiency first; Achieving global leadership in renewable energies; Providing a fair deal for consumers

EU bioenergy proposals "threat to climate and sustainable development" - NGOs 17 January 2018, 00:07 CET
Today 30 NGOs from around the world are calling on MEPs to make urgent changes to planned bioenergy rules at their upcoming vote. The current plans are "a serious threat to climate and sustainable development goals", say the NGOs, including WWF, in a letter to EU law-makers.

EU reaches deal on energy performance of buildings 19 December 2017, 23:44 CET
The EU presidency secured provisional agreement with the European Parliament on new rules on the energy performance of buildings Tuesday, with final approval expected at the start of next year.

Energy ministers give Europeans coal for Christmas 19 December 2017, 18:25 CET
European energy ministers have backed coal and other fossil fuels over renewable energy, in the ongoing reform of the EU’s energy laws.

EU governments' positions would stifle renewable energy revolution 19 December 2017, 18:23 CET
Today EU Energy Ministers have adopted their positions on four legislative proposals under the Clean Energy Package, which will guide the EU’s energy transition in the coming decade and beyond.

Member States abandon pretence of climate ambition 19 December 2017, 18:20 CET
EU governments showed their complete disdain for the Paris Agreement and Europe’s renewable energy future today, as ministers reached agreements on 2030 climate and energy laws.

EU energy reforms disappoint critics 20 December 2017, 12:07 CET
Member States agreed four legislative proposals under the EU's Clean Energy Package Monday, mapping Europe's energy transition over the coming decade, but disappointing environmental groups.

SolarPower Summit (Brussels, from 14 March 2018, 09:00 CET to 15 March 2018, 17:00 CET) —
The SolarPower Summit will take place on 14 - 15 March 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

Investment boost for the development of sustainable cities 30 November 2017, 14:28 CET
The European Commission and European Investment Bank launched Tuesday a new advisory service to help cities plan investments to support urban development and get easier access to finance.

Urban Agenda for the EU 30 November 2017, 14:25 CET
The Commission is working together with cities to ensure a good quality of life. See how the Commission helps cities to grow sustainably through sharing of knowledge, funding, and other urban policies and initiatives.

EU Parliament: Energy efficiency boosted, but renewables busted 28 November 2017, 23:19 CET
The European Parliament's energy and industry committee (ITRE) today gave energy efficiency a new lease of life in Europe, but dealt a blow to renewable energy development.

The Parliament wants binding 40% energy efficiency target for 2030 28 November 2017, 23:16 CET
EuroACE welcomes the strong position of the Industry and Energy Committee of the European Parliament (ITRE) in favour of a binding 40% energy efficiency target for 2030, with the adoption of the Report on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

Euro-MPs back people-powered renewables 29 November 2017, 17:59 CET
MEPs in committee voted Tuesday for new binding targets for energy efficiency and use of renewables, calling for recognition of the right of Europeans to produce and sell their own renewable electricity.

EU probes Spain's support for coal power plants 28 November 2017, 17:43 CET
The European Commission opened an in-depth investigation Monday into whether Spain's environmental incentive for coal power plants - to meet EU mandatory environmental standards - is in line with EU State aid rules.

RES Associations: ITRE committee's endorsement of a 35% renewable energy target for 2030 can bring the EU back on track to global leadership 28 November 2017, 13:58 CET
One year ago, the European Commission presented the Clean Energy for All Europeans legislative package, but it's headline target of 27% renewable energy by 2030 fell short of its ambitions. With today's vote, adopting a target of at least 35% renewables, the European Parliament Committee for Industry, Research and Energy puts the EU within reach of meeting its objective of being world leader in renewables.

EU on track to meet renewables targets but progress slows 28 November 2017, 17:44 CET
The EU and most of its Member States are on track to reach their 2020 targets on renewable energy and energy efficiency, but increases in energy consumption are slowing down progress, says a report.

Phasing out coal, powering a sustainable future 16 November 2017, 15:33 CET
WWF welcomes the creation of the ‘The Global Alliance to Power Past Coal’, launched in Bonn today, as an important step toward building a coal-free future. It is time for the European Union to follow suit.