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Data protection in the EU

Under EU law, personal data can only be gathered legally under strict conditions, for a legitimate purpose. Persons or organisations which collect and manage your personal information must protect it from misuse and must respect certain rights of the data owners which are guaranteed by EU law. Common EU rules have been established to ensure that people's personal data enjoys a high standard of protection everywhere in the EU. You have the right to complain and obtain redress if your data is misused anywhere within the EU. The EU's Data Protection Directive also foresees specific rules for the transfer of personal data outside the EU to ensure the best possible protection of your data when it is exported abroad.

EU-US Data Protection Shield inadequate, EU Court rules 21 July 2020, 12:29 CET
The Court of Justice of the EU decided Thursday to invalidate the EU-US Privacy Shield on grounds of an inadequate levels of protection given to European consumer data transferred to the United States.

GDPR 2-year review: progress across EU, but more needed 30 June 2020, 17:51 CET
Two years on, the General Data Protection Regulation has met most of its objectives, with a set of enforceable rights and a new European system of governance and enforcement, says a report out Wednesday.

EU data protection rules 2-year review 24 June 2020, 23:56 CET
Two years after its entry into application, the European Commission published on 24 June an evaluation report on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

MEPs demand data protection guarantees for fingerprint exchange with UK 15 May 2020, 00:17 CET
The EU Council should not allow fingerprint data exchange between the UK and EU countries without guarantees on reciprocity and data protection in place, the European Parliament said on Thursday.

EU outlines its vision for secure data and Artificial Intelligence 25 February 2020, 00:56 CET
The EU Commission presented Wednesday a European data strategy and policy options for a secure human-centric development of Artificial Intelligence opening up new opportunities for businesses.

The shape of Europe's digital future 19 February 2020, 17:49 CET
The European Commission unveiled on 19 February its strategy for a society powered by digital solutions that put people first, opens up new opportunities for businesses, and boosts the development of trustworthy technology to foster an open and democratic society and a vibrant and sustainable economy.

Green light for talks on EU-Japan Passenger Name Record agreement 19 February 2020, 00:30 CET
The EU Council gave a green light Tuesday for the start of negotiations with Japan on an agreement to enable the transfer of Passenger Name Record data from the European Union to Japan.

EU-US privacy shield review finds room for improvement 24 October 2019, 22:07 CET
The U.S. is ensuring adequate protection for personal data transferred under the 'Privacy Shield' from the EU to participating companies in the States, says the EU's third review, but there is room for improvement.

Google 'right to be forgotten' applies only in EU: EU Court 24 September 2019, 23:00 CET
Google's 'right to be forgotten', defined as "the right to silence on past events in life that are no longer occurring", only applies in EU Member States, the EU's top Court ruled on Tuesday.

Websites using Facebook 'Like' button are data liable 04 August 2019, 21:17 CET
A website displaying Facebook's 'Like' button, which processes users' personal data, becomes jointly liable for collection and transmission of the data to Facebook, the EU's top Court ruled Monday.

GDPR working, but not well enough: EU report 29 July 2019, 23:08 CET
While most EU Member States have set up the legal framework for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), more is needed if the new data protection regime is to be fully effective, says a new report.

Code of Practice against disinformation 29 January 2019, 23:39 CET
The European Commission published on 29 January the first reports submitted by signatories of the Code of Practice against disinformation signed in October 2018.

EU urges tech giants to step up fight against fake news 31 January 2019, 23:17 CET
The EU Commission called on tech giants including Google, Facebook and Twitter Tuesday to intensify their efforts to crack down on disinformation in the run up to the 2019 European elections.

EU states agree better protection for whistleblowers 29 January 2019, 21:30 CET
The EU is moving towards guaranteeing a high level protection to whistleblowers across a wide range of sectors, following agreement Friday by EU states' ambassadors.

EU-Japan data sharing agreement comes into effect 24 January 2019, 22:31 CET
The EU Commission adopted Wednesday an 'adequacy decision' which allows personal data to flow freely between the European Union and Japan on the basis of strong protection guarantees.

A website has data responsibility for Facebook 'like' button: EU Court 20 December 2018, 14:07 CET
A website's use of Facebook's 'Like' button, which processes users' personal data, makes the website jointly responsible for that stage of the data processing, says the EU top Court's Advocate General.

EU opens up free movement of non-personal data 14 November 2018, 00:20 CET
EU ministers provided a boost to Europe's data economy Friday, signing off on a new directive aimed at removing obstacles to the free movement of non-personal data within the EU.

EU, Japan edge towards data protection deal 06 September 2018, 00:01 CET
Following the July conclusion of EU-Japan talks on personal data flows, the Commission launched Thursday a procedure for adoption of its decision on data protection adequacy between the two blocs.

Digital rights open up for holidaymakers across EU 03 August 2018, 12:26 CET
Following the end of roaming charges across the European Union last year, holidaymakers are now able to travel with their online TV, film, sports, music or e-book subscriptions at no extra cost.

Japan adequacy decision 23 January 2019, 21:13 CET
The European Commission adopted on 23 January 2019 its adequacy decision on Japan, allowing personal data to flow freely between the two economies on the basis of strong protection guarantees.

Jehovah's Witnesses must comply with data privacy law: EU Court 11 July 2018, 23:42 CET
The processing of personal data carried out by Jehovah's Witnesses during their door-to-door preaching must respect EU law on the protection of personal data, the EU's top court ruled on Tuesday.

EU agrees deal on free flow of non-personal data 21 June 2018, 22:37 CET
The European Parliament, Council and Commission reached a political agreement late Tuesday on new rules that will allow data to be stored and processed everywhere in the EU without unjustified restrictions.

Free flow of non-personal data in the EU 21 June 2018, 20:32 CET
The European Parliament, Council and the European Commission on 19 June reached a political agreement on new rules that will allow data to be stored and processed everywhere in the EU without unjustified restrictions.

Data protection - Rules for the protection of personal data inside and outside the EU 21 May 2018, 23:58 CET
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive and other rules concerning the protection of personal data, as well as authorities tasked with enforcement.

GDPR - what changes after May 2018 21 May 2018, 18:49 CET
The General Data Protection Regulation rules will apply as of 25 May 2018. They will bring several improvements to deal with data protection violations in the future.