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EU tightens sanctions against N Korea

19 May 2016, 17:30 CET
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(BRUSSELS) - The EU added another 18 people and one entity to the list of those subject to EU restrictive measures against North Korea Thursday, adding to sanctions imposed by United Nations Security Council resolutions.

The EU decision mostly concerns high-ranked military officials involved in key bodies responsible for supporting or promoting the North Korea's nuclear-related, ballistic missile-related or other weapons of mass destruction-related programmes.

The additional listed entity is involved in the development and operational implementation of ballistic-missile related or other weapons of mass destruction-related programmes. Sanctions include travel restrictions and an asset-freeze. 

This latest decision brings the total number of people subject to EU restrictive measures to 66 and the number of entities to 42.

The legal acts, including the names of the persons and entity concerned, are to be published in the Official Journal of 20 May 2016.The decision was adopted by written procedure.

EU sanctions were first introduced in 2006. The existing measures, which implement all UN resolutions adopted after the country's nuclear tests and launches using ballistic missile technology also include EU autonomous additional measures, mostly targeting North Korea's nuclear, WMD and ballistic missile programmes.

These measures include prohibitions on the export and import of arms as well as goods and technology that could contribute to these illegal programmes. Both the UN and the EU, autonomously, also imposed related restrictive measures in the broader financial services, trade and transport sectors. The EU last strengthened its measures on 31 March 2016, transposing UNSC resolution 2270.

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