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MEPs vote in von der Leyen's new EU Commission

MEPs vote in von der Leyen's new EU Commission

Ursula von der Leyen - Photo © European Union 2019 - Source EP

(STRASBOURG) - Following conclusion of its hearings process, the EU Parliament gave its approval to the new team of Commissioners Wednesday, presented to MEPs by the Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen.

In her opening statement, the Commission President-elect reiterated many of the commitments she made in Parliament's plenary chamber in July, and by the Commissioners-designate during the hearings process.

Hers would be a bold Commission, she said: "over the next five years, our Union will embark together on a transformation which will touch every part of our society and of our economy."

Ms von der Leyen highlighted that appropriate investment and regulatory frameworks will be put into place for Europe to lead the way internationally on a range of critical issues: environmental protection and climate change, growth, inclusion, innovation and digitalisation, as well as the protection of democracy, European values, citizens' rights and the rule of law.

Action against climate change would be at the forefront of her Commission's new work programme: "the European Green Deal is a must for the health of our planet and our people – and for our economy."

The Green Deal will be the EU's growth strategy, she added: "It will help us cut emissions while creating jobs.

"At the core of it will be an industrial strategy that enables our businesses – big and small – to innovate and to develop new technologies while creating new markets. We will be global standard setters. This is our competitive advantage. And it is the best way to ensure a level-playing field.would be

Ms von der Leyen also confirmed one more portfolio change that Parliament had requested following the hearings, which established the candidates' suitability for the role and for the College of Commissioners.

Female representation in the Commission is the highest it has ever been: in addition to the President-elect, the current composition of the Commission comprises 11 female members and 15 male members.

The new Commission now needs to be formally appointed by EU heads of state or government. Its five-year term is expected to start on 1 December.

European Parliament website of the Hearings of Commissioners-designate

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