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New register of delegated acts adds to EU transparency

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New register of delegated acts adds to EU transparency

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(BRUSSELS) - A new online register, launched Tuesday by main EU institutions - Parliament, Council and Commission - will make it easier to find and track EU decisions taken in the form of delegated acts.

The new common online register is designed to help the public and interested parties to follow this part of the EU decision-making process, so that anyone can easily search and find delegated acts linked to a certain topic or piece of legislation.

"The register will enable citizens to follow the decision-making process on delegated acts, which often seem technical, but can be politically sensitive as well," saide European Parliament president Antonio Tajani: "It is an answer to the Parliament's long-standing demand to bring EU decision-making closer to citizens and thus make the EU institutions and EU law more transparent."

"By launching this new online register, we are making the EU more transparent and opening up the windows on the process for adopting technical rules to implement our policies," said Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans.

The new Inter-institutional Register of Delegated Acts offers a complete overview of the lifecycle of this process. It allows users to search and follow the development of delegated acts from the planning stage conducted by the European Commission, up until the final publication in the Official Journal. The register also illustrates the various steps taken by the European Parliament and the Council as well as the work of Commission expert groups involved in the preparation of delegated acts. The Register increases transparency of the decision-making process as it offers a one-stop-shop for delegated acts where all relevant information can be easily found. It also allows users to subscribe and receive notifications about the development of specific delegated acts which they are interested in.

Delegated acts are used to supplement or amend EU laws. They are most common in the areas of economy, agriculture, environment and public health, the single market and trade. They are a form of secondary legislation which is used, for example, to update technical requirements in legislation. Parliament and the Council empower the Commission to draft delegated acts, which are then submitted to them. Parliament and Council are able to reject draft delegated acts.

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