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You are here: Home Breaking news 'Rats fleeing a sinking ship' - MEPs denounce Brexit campaigners

'Rats fleeing a sinking ship' - MEPs denounce Brexit campaigners

06 July 2016, 11:22 CET
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'Rats fleeing a sinking ship' - MEPs denounce Brexit campaigners

Jean-Claude Juncker - Photo © European Union 2016 - source EP

(STRASBOURG) - Brexit campaigners in the UK referendum came in for strong criticism in a European Parliament debate on last week's summit. However, many said the people should be listened to and reform was needed.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker questioned the patriotism of 'Brexit' campaigners, saying "a patriot would not leave the boat when the situation becomes difficult" and "they had no plan on where to go on from here." He said that reforms should be accelerated and decisions implemented.

Leader of the EPP group Manfred Weber noted that Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage had "jumped ship" when it got tough and called this behaviour "cowardly". He called for a new political culture of responsibility and "myth-busting" on Europe, as the EU benefits the people, is not undemocratic and can deliver.

Green group leader Rebecca Harms criticised populists and nationalists who use ordinary citizens for their own purposes and lead them to vote against their own interests: "I can only despise the Farages, Le Pens and von Storchs of this world, who set ordinary people against each other", she said. She added that the remaining 27 EU countries should keep a door open to the UK and to the people and regions wishing to remain in the EU.

Summing up, Mr Juncker said that the Commission cannot fairly be held responsible for the Brexit vote. For 40 years, UK governments have been denying any credit to the EU, he said. "At the end of the day, it does not come as a surprise that people believe what they have been lied to for decades - now the result is there."

There was no letting up on the message to the British government that it should not delay its EU exit. Council president Donald Tusk repeated his view that while EU leaders understood UK Prime minister Cameron's decision to postpone the triggering of withdrawal negotiations, they nevertheless expect the new UK government to submit a formal notification as soon as possible and that "no negotiations of any kind" will happen before this notification.

But in the main, the message was that EU leaders needed to respond to the UK's vote to leave the EU, by doing more to defend the EU project and to make it more transparent, social and responsive to citizens' concerns.

ECR group leader Syed Kamall said the referendum result was a "wakeup call" for the EU. EU leaders should use the current situation as an opportunity to reconnect with people, make the EU more transparent and focus on the citizens' legitimate concerns, such as creating growth and jobs.

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EU MEPs....

Posted by Demir Arabaci at 06 July 2016, 19:51 CET

How typical!!!
When their cushy jobs are at stake, the EU MEPs start
blaming people who pay their salaries and pensions and benefits for protecting the tax payer's interests.

Brits (minus the blood sucking micks) have spoken and if you blood sucking MEPs don't like it you can go and !!!! suck a lemon and try to find out why 49% in Britain voted to dump you.
If you have any intelligence, you may realize that paying 27 times over for a simple task is more than any intelligent tax payer is willing to perpetuate to please a bunch of freeloaders from all over the continent.
The EU model was wrong from the beginning and it started to rote quickly. Over and above the blanket of useless committees and their never ending bitching to get more freebees the old twisted agendas emerged to the disgust of anyone sensible.
The french see themselves as the overseers or the owners of the union, the germans are financially marching all over the continent in their knee length leather boots although not quite goose stepping yet - just give them a little more time, the eastern europeans still punch drunk with their newly acquired and overly exagerated importance etc etc...
You call this a happy union???
Looks and stinks like a shotgun marriage in Lasvegas!!!
And, we all know what happens to marriages performed in Vegas!!!

let this be a lesson to you all and before you call them "rats deserting the ship" think what will happen to you when the ship submerges, as it will.

EU MEPs....

Posted by LYN WICK at 12 July 2016, 15:38 CET
EU V UK DIVORCE , We are now getting our house in order and Mrs May will state our terms .It is a big wide world out there and our toe in the waters is up to our chests in interest . Yes we would like to continue our trade and friendship with the EU ,but not with any strings attached -this is a clean break . UK ,British people are excited by the new horizons before us . BRING IT ON WE ARE READY AND WE CAN WALK AWAY WITH HEADS HELD HIGH ,EU IS NOT REQUIRED . WE CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT EU DICTATORSHIP AND WE WILL . RATS leaving the sinking ship ,no their job is done and it was done well ,it gave UK FREEDOM .