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EU Parliament calls for swift UK exit

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EU Parliament calls for swift UK exit

Nigel Farage - Jean-Claude Juncker

(BRUSSELS) - In a heated debate over the result of the UK's referendum on EU membership, MEPs called for a swift exit for the UK, by officially withdrawing from the EU before any new relationship arrangements can be made.

In the debate, the EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said they should "respect the will of the British people." However "there must be consequences," he added.

What was now needed, he said, was clarity from the British government as soon as possible, so as to prevent uncertainty. He insisted there would be "no notification, no negotiations," saying there would be no secret or informal talks with London.

He underlined that the Commission was not to blame for the referendum result. He pointed out that the UK had not voted on austerity policies or the adequacy of protection of the EU's external borders, because it belongs neither to the euro nor to the Schengen Area. He accused Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, of 'fabricating reality'.

Mr Farage took his opportunity for a typically inflammatory speech, insulting MEPs by accusing them of never having had a job outside the Parliament, then suggesting they were "in denial" that the euro currency was failing.

"You all laughed at me," he said. "Well, I have to say, you are not laughing now, are you?," he said to laughter from many MEPs.

He predicted the UK would not be the last Member State to leave the Union, and warned that if the EU were to reject a new "sensible trade deal", then the consequences would be far worse for the 27 than for the UK, to more incredulous laughter. "Even no deal is better for the UK than the rotten deal we have now", he said.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen then called the UK vote the "by far the most important historic event since the fall of the Berlin wall" and an outcry of love of the British people for their country. It was a slap in the face for "EU supporters" and showed that the EU project is not irreversible, she added. Delaying implementation of the decision would not be democratic, she warned.

There was some support for the United Kingdom, with the Dutch EU presidency saying "no-one will benefit from a prolonged period of political limbo, and that the UK should be afforded the time it needs "to recuperate and take the necessary decisions".

And Alyn Smith of the UK Greens, urged his colleagues to remember that the people of Northern Ireland, London and many voters in Wales and England voted to remain "within our family of nations. Scotland did not let you down. Please, I beg you, chers collegues, do not let Scotland down now!" he added to standing applause in the chamber.

European People's Party leader Manfred Weber promised Britain's youth - more than 73% of whom voted "remain" - that they would not be left on their own. Populists had won the referendum, he said, adding "shame on you" to Nigel Farage, whom he called a "liar" in a reference to his allegedly false campaign claims.

"We now expect an Article 50 notification and swift and fair exit negotiations", he insisted, adding that "the times of appeasement are over" and urging politicians to stop "bashing Brussels" and take responsibility.

Further information, European Parliament

Adopted text (2016/2800(RSP) will soon be available here (click on 28.06.2016)

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EU parliement calls...

Posted by Demir Arabaci at 28 June 2016, 21:27 CET

What is all this noise about scotland and northern ireland wanting to stay in the EU??
As far as Britain is concerned the freeloading, lazy, bloodsucking micks can can go anywhere.
good riddance.
Perhaps they should join in with the other parasites in the south.
Sooner the better.
And for the scotts, well they like to make the independence noises every so often. They will never leave the UK, they know which side of their bread is buttered but by making independence noises they know that they will get some more butter from westminister.

Without Britain what do they have to sustain them?
Very little in the way of north sea oil.
what else?
Little tourism?
It is marginal and would not keep them fed. Even a five year old does not believe the story about the loch ness monster any more. And their scotch whisky?? There are hundreds of whisky labels throughout the world much better tasting than that rough stuff from scotland.
try some from USA or canada. Smooth and enjoyable brands. Why torture yourself with dishwater?
Bottom line is they don't have the guts to go alone without Britain.
Even if they did, they will want to crawl back five years later.

Perhaps the self claimed title of "great Britain" will be just Britain soon as it should be.