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Podawaa: elevate your LinkedIn to a new level

LinkedIn is the chief platform for businesses to deliver content – but, with the social media channel saturated with content daily, it’s important to make yours stand out.


Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has quickly grown to become both a household name and office staple, now renowned as the leading professional networking platform. Unlike other popular social media channels, LinkedIn is tailored for the business market and is uniquely optimised for the Business to Business (B2B) sector. Just like on all digital platforms, the success of content is determined by engagement: likes, comments and shares. With such a variety and wealth of content available nowadays, optimising the writing and style your content is not enough; algorithms determine your audience in a way that can be difficult to predict or manage without expert knowledge. If you're looking to elevate the reach and engagement, Podawaa will take your profile to the next level.

For businesses, LinkedIn is commonly recognised now as the most important social media channel. Used by employees and employers alike, foremost to post job vacancies and list CVs, the platform is recognised as the public-facing presence which promotes company culture as well as industry expertise. The audience available to both businesses and individuals on LinkedIn is huge, with the company reporting that, as of May 2020, the platform had amassed circa 690 million users across 150 countries. In light of this substantial user base, a great amount of money is dedicated to LinkedIn advertising by companies. With such fierce competition to reach a wider audience with your content, however, it can cost thousands to achieve the success you desire. Podawaa believe there is a better solution than investing excessively in advertising.

Podawaa have identified exactly how the Instagram algorithm determines the visibility of your content. Firstly, upon posting from your profile, LinkedIn will display your content to your immediate network of contacts; depending on the engagement level, foremost comments and likes, LinkedIn will determine whether the content would be of interest to a wider audience. If your content is deemed to be interesting, the spiral effect takes place and the post is pushed to the connections of those who have liked and/or commented. If the post continues to gain high levels of engagement, LinkedIn will expand its reach exponentially and it will likely go viral. Algorithms can prove invaluable in some regards across social media platforms, enabling people to engage with your content when they would otherwise have been completely unaware of it – however algorithms can also be extremely difficult to circumvent.

In order to take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm, Podawaa have devised a system of creating engagement groups that they title a "pod": comprising of a group of people who engage with publications, whether automatically or manually, to encourage the algorithm to promote the post. As a result of integrating the pod system, Podawaa boast an increase of 300% in outreach, a significant amount of time saved due to automated pods, a wider audience and an increase of 150% in incoming leads. Optimising your content to achieve engagement can be frustratingly time consuming. By using Podawaa, however, you can save the time you would otherwise spend to organically boost the engagement by creating more captivating content instead.

Podawaa allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time; every step of the process is automated. The comments are pre-prepared – Podawaa utilise an intelligent algorithm to produce appropriate comments which relate to your post, constructed in a very human manner. Alternatively Podawaa does allow you to take manual control of the comments if you would prefer, perhaps if you have key terminology you need to integrate into the engagement. Achieving a high amount of views is not enough to mark success of LinkedIn posts. Podawaa allows you to determine your target audience through in excess of 15 differentiation criteria, ensuring your content reaches the key demographic for your business. With the official release scheduled for September 2020, you can sign up for the beta version today. The site will operate as both a free tool, offering standing engagement features, and a monthly subscription will provide access to the scheduling, automated comments and ability to determine your target audience. Take your LinkedIn to the next level with Podawaa, reaching your audience has never been easier.

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