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27 November 2020, 17:38 CET

HowtoCasino is a brand new website entirely dedicated to providing the most popular casino-related topics. Designed and run by Mep Marketing from the Netherlands, this platform aims to satisfy the needs of a wide range of casino players, from rookies to gambling specialists.

Roulette - Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

This website is an all-in-one gambling library filled with useful guides, articles, tutorials, tips & tricks, and strategies on all sorts of casino games, casino gambling experience, and how to play for fun, knowing when to stop.

As the name implies, HowtoCasino mainly features "how-to" articles. Knowing that this is one of the most common search queries online, the team leading the project decided to present the content in a user-friendly manner.

HowtoCasino offers a wide selection of topics and, as such, is a perfect gambling knowledge base for all casino games lovers, from the newbies to gambling experts.

What Are HowtoCasino Subjects?

HowtoCasino is easy to use, and you can find whatever you need in a flash. The only thing you need to do is type your question in the search bar in the header. Easy as 1-2-3.

If you are an RNG games lover seeking an unexpected adventure, hit the "Surprise me" button next to the search bar. You will be surprised by a randomly selected article from a rich base of topics. Sounds fun, right?

The posts are divided into subjects. HowtoCasino currently offers 13 different subjects, with new ones to be added in the near future. Some of the categories are Blackjack, Roulette, Casino general, Craps, Poker, Online casino, Baccarat, Slots, Casino bonuses, Sports betting, etc. As you can see, the website offers a wide range of topics, something for everyone.

Each subject page includes various articles related to the topic of the page. But, you can also learn the basics of this topic in a quick guide below the posts. These guides are not that comprehensive but are good enough to help you understand the fundamentals.

If you select Blackjack, you can read more about the game itself and its most important rules alongside a series of articles.

What's more, you will wind a few most frequently asked questions about the topic answered in detail on each category page. For example, on the Blackjack page, you will learn if Blackjck is a game of skill or luck, what is a bust, and what are the most commonly used terms in Blackjack.

How to Write your HowtoCasino Post?

HowtoCasino is designed to become a comprehensive gambling Wikipedia. As a Wiki-like website, HowtoCasino follows the principles determined by the famous counterpart. That means the readers are free to actively edit and improve the content.

Moreover, you can write your own article on a subject you think would complement the website and enrich its content. Or, in case you cannot find the answer to your inquiry, you can suggest the HowtoCasino team to look into it for you.

In any case, before deciding to edit or write your own post, first, contact the HowtoCasino team of casino experts. You can find the contact details in the footer of the website.

However, the fact you can actively take part in writing and editing the articles on the website guarantees HowtoCasino is and will be providing the most relevant content gamblers want to read.

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