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How You Can Really Get the Right Audio-Visual Equipment and Setup for Your Next Event

Planning any kind of event warrants meticulous attention to detail. You will have to think about a number of factors that comprise your event, including the guest list or list of attendees, the venue, the menu and beverages, entertainment, activities and so on. But along with this comes considering your audio-visual equipment needs.

Microphone - Image by Maike and Bjorn Broskamp on Pixabay

Sadly, the audio-visual aspect doesn't often seem to get much attention due to the fact that it is often buried underneath all the other considerations that make up an event.

But whilst choosing the proper sound system or projector screen isn't as compelling or seemingly crucial as choosing the appropriate content, it will make a huge impact if you choose wisely. If you want your event to flow as smoothly as possible and be without any hitches, here is how you can really get the right audio-visual equipment and setup for your next event and make the event one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Assess what you require

When you know what you need regarding audio-visual equipment for your event, then you will be able to make the best decisions regarding equipment and your AV system. But how do you assess what you require? You can start by assessing the number of your audience or guest list. If you are planning an event where you expect 300 people or more, then you know that you would probably need LED screens (especially if the event is a theatre-style conference), you would need the proper lighting (for instance, decide whether you need front or rear projection), and you would need the proper distribution of sound in the room, so you don't have to deal with dead spots.

When assessing what you require, you should also think about the content of your event. It doesn't make sense to have screens if no one is doing a presentation, for instance. If you don't seem to have a really clear idea of what you require, you can always consult with an AV hire specialist – they can give you recommendations on what systems and equipment to use so you can maximise the impact of your event.

Set your priorities

Some venues will not require too much in terms of AV equipment simply because of how they are already set up. But one thing you also have to do is set your priorities. For example, are you willing to spend more of your event budget on AV in order to get highly-advanced AV equipment? If you know how much you are ready to spend on AV, then you can at least manage your expectations and know that you are getting what you pay for more often than not. You can spend thousands on equipment hire, but at the end of the day, you have to make sure that what you have is right for your event.

Always plan in advance

One of the major mistakes event planners make is leaving their AV equipment decisions to the last minute. You should always plan this in advance because only then can you be sure that you are choosing the proper equipment and systems, and you're also avoiding that panicky feeling because you know that you already have your AV needs on-point and on plan. The best way to plan in advance would be to survey the venue with an experienced AV technician and ask the venue what they already have in terms of AV technology so you can work with what they have and plan your own system accordingly.

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