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Online Trading Account - A Guide to Online Forex Trading Account

Forex trading is a money-making investment opportunity that allows traders to buy and sell currency pairs online. The best thing about online forex trading is that it enables individuals to compete with banks and hedge funds in trading currencies. All it takes is creating the right trading account.

If you are considering opening an online trading account, you need to invest time to understand how they work. Generally, there are three types of online trading accounts; standard, mini, and managed trading accounts. Each of these accounts comes with its benefits. The right one for you depends on your risk tolerance and the size of your investment, as well as the amount of time you plan on dedicating to trading forex online each day.

Standard online trading accounts

This is the most common type of trading account. It gives you access to currency lots worth $100,000. The rules of margins and leverage allow you to place as low as $1000 in our account to be able to trade in the $100,000 market.

The advantage of a standard account is that most brokers give better perks and services for standard accounts. This is because these accounts require an upfront capital to trade. With each pip worth 10-dollars, any position that moves by 100 pips makes you $1000. This type of gain is only possible with a standard account unless one trades more than one lot.

The only disadvantage of a standard account is the high deposit required. You will need to have a minimum starting balance of at least $2000 and as high as $10,000 in some platforms. Also, it is important to consider the loss potential of the account. The same way you can make a thousand dollars is the same way you can lose the same amount or more is a position moves against you. This makes it unsuitable for novice traders.

Mini online trading accounts

This is an online trading account that allows traders to use mini lots when transacting. A mini lot in most online platforms is worth $10,000. This type of account is used by brokers targeting new traders for their platforms. New traders are always reluctant to trade full lots, and thus mini accounts are ideal options.

By trading in $10,000 increments, the trader enjoys lower risks. This way, they can trade without the risk of completely depleting their accounts. Mini accounts are ideal for experienced traders testing out new strategies before using them in their standard accounts. Most mini accounts can be opened with as little as $250 and as much as $500, with leverage of up to 400:1.

To trade successfully in a mini account, you need to have a risk management plan. This way, you can invest in multiple lots to minimize your risk. Because these are low-risk accounts, the reward is also usually low. Mini accounts trading in 10,000-dollar lots can only produce a dollar a pip. This means that the amount you make is also low.

Managed online trading accounts

A managed forex trading account is one where the trader places a deposit on their account and allows a broker to make trading decisions on their behalf. Your account manager will handle your account the same way a stockbroker manages stock accounts. You get to set the risk management plan and profit goals that the manager will work to meet.

Pooled funds – this type of managed account is where funds are pulled together in a mutual fund with other investors. The money is invested, and the profits are shared. An investor interested in high returns should place their money in a high risk/reward ratio to try and make money fast. You can also choose to enjoy a more stable money-making plan by investing in low risk and low reward money pools.

Individual accounts – this is where you open an online trading account, and a broker manages it individually as opposed to a pool. A broker will make trading decisions that best meet your account needs.

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