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When To Outsource Your Business' Shipping Operations

Your company may have several shipments to send every day, but there is no way for your company to send all these shipments when you have other things to focus on.

You do not want to hire an entirely new department to manage shipping when you can hire a third-party company to do it for you. Continue reading to learn how and why you should outsource all the shipping options for your company.

Do You Have Time To Pack Everything Yourself?

Some business owners do not have time to pack all the items they are shipping to customers. You need to focus on the core of your business during the day, and it is impossible to do that if you are spending all your time packing shipments.

When you outsource your shipping processes, you are asking the 3PL company to pack everything for you. This company will charge for the packing materials and time spent on packing, but they can typically give you a flat rate that is more than fair. The logistics company does all the work for you, and they will make certain that the packages are handled properly.

You Cannot Take The Packages To The Shipping Office

You can reach out to a 3PL company when you need them to pick up shipments twice a day, every day, every other day, or every week. You will create a schedule that the 3PL company will follow every week. They pick up every package that you have left for them, and they put postage on these packages for you. You do not need to worry about paying the company upfront because they will invoice you at the end of the month.

This schedule also applies when you do not have time to pack all the shipments, and the 3PL company will pick up everything, take it back to their office, and pack everything for you. Because the 3PL company has experts who deal with shipping every day, you can be sure that they have packed everything perfectly.

You Need Multiple Shipping Options

You may need to ship with multiple companies, it can be impossible for you to set up those accounts, figure out how to schedule pickups, and do everything according to what the shipping company wants. You can ask a 3PL company to set up all your accounts, and they will make sure that you are getting the best rate on postage with each account.


When you have chosen to outsource your shipping, you can get back to managing the core of your business. You do not have time to manage shipments all day, and you do not want to hire a new department that only handles shipping. You can get a 3PL company to help you, and they will even pack your items for you. You can save me, save money, and send out everything on-time. Plus, the 3PL company works on your schedule so that shipping does not become a burden that slows down your business.

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