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SEO Services in Europe are expanding and here's why

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is here to stay. We have seen this from the rapid increase and attention it has gained throughout the last decade.

Search engines are the first touch points of consumers when browsing the Internet. Meaning it is essential for businesses to be found on these engines. SEO Services in Europe have benefited from this increase in demand.

What are SEO services

SEO services encompass both the website and the network the website is part of. This creates a distinction between 'on-page' and 'off-page' optimization. SEO Services in Europe often focus on both aspects.


Firstly, the website that needs to be found in the search engines needs to be optimized. This is often the starting point for SEO services in Europe. Optimizing the website includes the page speed, images, content and complexity. On-page optimization becomes particularly important when looking at the content. What is it your website wants to be found on? Focusing on the wrong keywords in your content could lead to visitors that are not looking for your product. This leads to more visitors, but not necessarily to the desired increase in conversion.


Once SEO Services in Europe have optimized the website it is time to look at the bigger picture. Search engines not only look at your website, but to the Internet as a whole. How does Google determine the value of a website? Sure, your on-page optimization needs to be in place, but your network value is the primary determinant.

How your network pays off

When dozens of websites link to your website, search engines recognize this must be a relevant website for their visitors. However, it cannot be just any website. Search Engines look at their network and content as well. Websites with higher authority and quality will be treated differently from websites with limited content and quality. This makes perfect sense when translating it to the real world. Would you trust a guy at the street corner over an advisor with 20 years of relevant experience? The same principle holds for websites. With more experience in terms of network and content, search engines will rank your website higher.

How to start building a network?

This is often considered the trickiest part of having a website. Now that on-page is optimized and you are ready to attract customers, the off-page optimization comes in. SEO services in Europe help to shape your network. How they do this? An important aspect is called link building. The company places an article regarding your topic on a related website with medium to high-value containing a link to yours. The quality of the link (also referred to as backlink) you receive is dependent on the competitiveness of the market. In a highly competitive market, SEO services in Europe charge a higher fee per link. By building this network, the service providers enable you to score higher in the search engine results.

Author Bio: Rajhu S Goraai is a regular contributor on top business blog. Connect him on Linkedin.

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