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Yet More Deadlines on The Cards

Ursula von der Leyen who is the candidate that is expected to take over as head of the European Union has stated that she is quite willing to grant yet another Brexit extension if the United Kingdom requires it.

Ms von der Leyen is the outgoing German defence minister and she looks to be set to take over Jean-Claude Juncker as the President of the European Commission (as of writing on the 16th July 2019).

Ms von der Leyen has been trying to encourage support amongst MEPs and in order to secure the role she needs to get at least 374 votes out of 747. Ms von der Leyen is a Christian Democrat of the European People's Party and among her main priorities are climate and social issues.

This willingness to extend another time extension to the UK will be viewed with weariness both by UK businesses and the general population at large, especially if Boris Johnson becomes Britain's prime minister next week with his now famous pledge of 'do or die' - with or without a deal.

Many are speculating that Mr Johnson is heading on a collision course with the bloc's 27 other leaders – and of course his own parliament- on the 31st of October.

Ireland is being pressurised to speed up preparations for a no-deal exit which will have the effect of dislocating trade and muddying up the financial markets – this time of uncertainty that the UK finds itself in has already caused businesses that once used the isle as their base to move and find more secure homes elsewhere in the European Community, and has also caused potential industries to do a U turn when talking about the UK as a new base.

Possibly one of the biggest industries that brings in most revenue to the UK is the gambling industry which is on a crash course to being one of the industries that is harvest hit by Brexit – no deal or deal.

With the threat of higher taxes and tariffs and more strict rulings for those operators that are based within the UK we are already witnessing a dip in the numbers of mobile bingo sites on offer although thankfully what sites there are seem to be of the highest quality.

Uncertain times abound and until the UK has a definite future whether that is with the European Community or standing alone, they are set to continue for everyone concerned.

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