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How to increase your level of productivity

Whenever you embark on a project, you should set a target and a time frame.


If it's a personal project you can work at your pace but other commitments may jeopardize your progress. It's a different case altogether if you have to meet a work deadline bestowed upon you by the company that your work under. You will be obliged to meet the deadline regardless of your personal duties and commitments. It all goes down to levels of productivity. Being more productive is not rocket science but with the following tips, you can make it work.

Keep a record of the time you take on each task


People always think it is easy to gauge time but it is not as easy as it sounds. With the era of social media, distractions are bound to come your way. Most of the times we fail to resist the trap, so in order for you to meet your target, you need a time management friend. This does not mean that there has to be a physical being beside you recording your progress. Thank heavens for the era of technology; you can make use of the application called Rescue Time. It comes in handy because it lets you know of the exact time you spend on daily tasks, social media or even your email. This will definitely make you more time-conscious thereby improving your productivity. It will also tell you when you need to take a break to enjoy a few australia online pokies. As we all know that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Take Regular Breaks

Take regular breaks

Being serious or remaining glued up on your screen does not mean you are still concentrating. It is totally ok for the mind or the body to get tired during your work time. It is not a crime, whenever you feel the wave of fatigue, take a break. These breaks are necessary for the sense that they will renew the mind. You can rest by playing betting odds, these will definitely refresh your mind and when you get back to work you will be good as new. Try these tips and they will automatically raise your level of productivity.

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