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Collabsummit 2019: The Premium European Modern Workplace Conference

Collabsummit, one of the most expected conferences in 2019, announced that they are open for registrations in September 2018, which means people had plenty of time to buy their early-bird tickets.

Collabsummit 2019

The conference will discuss aspects related to modern workplaces, focusing on using software programs such as the Microsoft 365 package, Azure, SharePoint, WS, and other cloud-based programs. The conference should be attended by both business owners and employees who want to increase their productivity during work hours. The tickets will start increasing in price and decreasing in number as time goes by. Collabsummit also made tutorials available for all people who want to learn how to use the programs which are targeted for discussion. These are some other aspects that potential attendants may want to know about regarding the premium European conference:

Full day tutorials and power classes

The Collabsummit 2019 is all about learning new things. European conferences are great opportunities to learn new things, but Collabsummit takes it a step further by providing attendants with the chance to take power classes that last one day. The classes contain both theory and practice and are held by specialists in the discussed topic. These classes can be very beneficial for people who decide to apply the notions they learned about during the conference for their own businesses.

The power classes that are offered this year are very diverse and have to do with the software programs that are in the center of attention at the moment, regarding transforming the regular workplace in a modern one, with the less bureaucratic hassle. Besides discussing the use of the software programs mentioned in the introduction, there is a power class that explains most terms that business owners (and not limited to them) stumble upon these days, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. All these are discussed in relation to AWS and the practical part of the power class involves learning how to leverage these services. Details related to the power classes along with the list of the content covered will be provided on the official website of Collabsummit.

Networking opportunities

Collabsummit - Microsoft

Considering that Collabsummit is the largest community-driven conference that focuses on modern workplaces, automation, and business productivity topics, the networking opportunities cannot be missed. The development team members that came up with the products that so many people use today such as Microsoft 365 or other products from the same colossal company. The team members from Microsoft will be happy to answer questions coming from the public, so Collabsummit is a unique opportunity to gain some insight directly from the source. At this year's Collabsummit expect 80 keynote speakers from 21 different countries and five different continents.

Last year's keynote speakers at the same conference impressed the attendants. First of all, 7 Microsoft corporate speakers were present at the event to discuss important matters that were in the center of attention during the last year. Next, 103 leading-edge developers were ready to answer questions related to the development process and the journey they have been through to come up with the software products that people make good use of at the moment. 14 certified masters at Microsoft were there to offer advice and guidance to people who wanted to start using the software programs in focus, not to mention that 7 Microsoft regional directors were there to debate financial problems encountered in the process and not only.

The keynote speakers were also involved in running the power classes for the attendants. All sessions ran by the keynote speakers had a specific and were scheduled so that all people can attend them. The European Collaboration Summit is one of the few conferences that gather so many professionals from one field in one single place.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

Collabsummit - Office

At Collabsummit, everyone will get the chance to use and understand the new Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019, that comes with a multitude of new features that are worthy to be explored. One of the most appreciated features is the increased storage file size for SharePoint documents, which is now 15GB. Initially, SharePoint could only host 10Gb files in the server. The next big update includes a new, modern sharing experience that helps people organize their content easier and faster.

Since the whole platform became bigger, an improved search experience is needed. Microsoft implemented a new search experience in addition to the original one. The modern search experience includes updated search recommendations. The home page of the SharePoint platform is different now, as it gives users unified access. Developers made the old homepage available too, for people who prefer it. The new homepage meets the latest UI experience requirements. Users can now use certain characters when naming the files stored in SharePoint.

Venue and safety

This year's Collabsummit is held in Wiesbaden, Germany, a beautiful location that attracts tourists for its amazing architecture and parklands. The Rhine valley is close-by and attendees can visit it during breaks in organized tours. This valley was included on the historic UNESCO World Heritage site. As for protection, many important people are going to attend Collabsummit 2019, which means thorough security will be ensured. Considering the close protection London conferences offered to their attendees in the past year, Collabsummit organizers decided to do the same and follow strict protocols regarding the venue's security.

Final thoughts

Collabsummit 2019 is definitely a European conference that people who are passionate or interested in modern workplaces should attend. The keynote speakers present at Collabsummit are rarely gathered together in one single place, so the opportunity is unique. This conference is perfect for developers who want to know more about the Microsoft teams and how they handle their work, but the community is not limited to developers. Business owners, leaders, end-users or simply nerds – everyone who wants to expand their knowledge in this field is welcomed to register to Collabsummit and its future editions. The vibrant community and topics discussed send Collabsummit to the top European events to attend in 2019.

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