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EuroISPA: Privacy Shield political agreement is a step in the right direction

03 February 2016
by EuroISPA -- last modified 03 February 2016

EuroISPA has been supportive of the efforts of the European Commission, the US Department of Commerce, and the Article 29 Working Group to realise a data transfer mechanism that supports transatlantic trade and maintains consumer trust in the Information Society.


In that context, we commend the recent political agreement on the new Privacy Shield framework. We also note the positive move by the Article 29 Working Group to allow transatlantic data transfers to proceed via alternative mechanisms while national Data Protection Authorities reflect on the new agreement.
As negotiators finalise the nuances of the new framework, we wish to again reiterate the important role that commercial data flows play in facilitating transatlantic trade. European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises especially benefit from legal certainty around data transfers. On that basis, it is essential that the new framework ensures that companies can transfer data both legally and securely.
EuroISPA President Oliver Süme said: "For many years EuroISPA has been working to realise a legislative landscape that encourages innovation while safeguarding privacy and data protection. We are thus hopeful that the new Privacy Shield incorporates the concerns of the Court of Justice of the European Union and constitutes a framework that European users can have confidence in."

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