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Only 1 out of 4 EU citizens are aware of 112 as the European emergency number

11 February 2013
by 112 Foundation -- last modified 11 February 2013

Only 1 out of 4 citizens are aware of 112 as the emergency number to dial all over the European Union.


Moreover, this figure has been stagnating for years and it varies significantly across European countries. Thus, more than 25 countries of Europe are organising awareness raising activities on the occasion of the European 112 Day 2013, observed on 11 February every year since 2009.

Celebrating the European 112 Day is a crucial step forward in promoting 112, especially nowadays when citizens are travelling more than ever for work, study or leisure. This year, the number of countries organising the 112 Day is expected to be the highest ever. Information sessions and presentations on 112 in schools along with Open Doors and visits in the 112 emergency call-centres are organised in a majority of European countries. Several countries have chosen to develop the 112 Day 2013 around the concept of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as a large majority of Europeans do not know how to perform CPR in case they witness a cardiac arrest.

"The substantial number of countries organising the European 112 Day highlights the importance of raising awareness of 112 at EU level, especially during this Year of Citizens. Better awareness levels and quality of service of 112 would definitely be of great benefit to European citizens moving around the Single Market and to emergency services striving to serve the hundreds of millions of emergency calls they receive every year", comments Olivier Paul Morandini, President of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA).

The pan-European emergency number 112 was created in 1991. Since 2008, 112 is the only emergency number that can be used from any landline, payphone or mobile phone to reach the emergency services (ambulance, fire-fighters and police) in any EU country free of charge.

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