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Protection for trade secrets - EUbusiness Week newsletter 740


EUbusiness Week 740 top stories: EU votes in new rules for personal data protection; Brussels proposes tax transparency for multinationals; MEPs back restrictions on glyphosate herbicide; Commission unveils upgrade for EU VAT system; Use of Passenger Name Records gets go-ahead; EU mulls next move on U.S. visa reciprocity

Publisher's Note

The aim of the new 'trade secrets' directive, passed by Euro-MPs this week, is to help firms win legal redress against theft or misuse of their trade secrets, furthering European innovation and competitiveness. Others, however, fear it could put journalists at risk, limiting their ability to investigate and report about businesses.

What is certain is that, at a time when the 'Panama Papers' revelations reaffirmed the essential role of journalists and whistleblowers in informing about issues of public interest, investigative journalism must be guaranteed.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU votes in new data protection rules

MEPs have given the green light to new EU data protection rules, giving citizens back control of their personal data with a high, uniform level of data protection across the EU. The vote also sets minimum standards on use of data for policing and judicial purposes.
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2. Brussels proposes tax transparency for multinationals

Multi-national companies operating in Europe will be required to publish country-by-country information on the tax they pay, according to new proposals announced by the Commission in the wake of the 'Panama Papers' scandal.
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3. MEPs back restrictions on glyphosate herbicide

Members of the European Parliament called Wednesday for a ban on all use of glyphosate-based herbicides in private and public green areas, including spraying in and around public parks, playgrounds and gardens.
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4. Commission unveils upgrade for EU VAT system

Europe's VAT rules are to be made simpler, more fraud-proof and business-friendly as a result of Commission plans to reboot the current EU VAT system.
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5. Use of Passenger Name Records gets go-ahead

Airlines will have to hand national authorities passengers' data for all flights from third countries to the EU and vice versa following EU Parliament approval of a directive regulating the use of Passenger Name Record data in the EU.
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6. EU mulls next move on U.S. visa reciprocity

As the U.S., Canada and Brunei continue to requires visas for citizens of some EU Member States, Brussels is assessing consequences of a possible temporary suspension of the visa waiver with these countries.
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Justice Scoreboard: the independence of the judicial systems of EU Member States came under scrutiny on Monday with the 2016 Justice Scoreboard showing persistently low levels of public trust in some countries.
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Financial Officer, European University Institute
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Lawyer, European Patent Office
Head of EEA Legal Coordination (Senior Officer), European Free Trade Association
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