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EU warns G20 on protectionism - EUbusiness Week newsletter 791


EUbusiness Week 791 top stories: European Union mulls future finance post-Brexit; Google fined EUR 2.4 bn for breaching EU antitrust rules; Ministers make limited progress on energy efficiency; Green light for new EU rules on organic farming; Brussels announces portable EU pension plan; EU launches action to tackle antimicrobial resistance

Publisher's Note

More than EUR 27 bn in lost exports could be the cost of the 10 per cent increase in obstacles hindering European exports detailed in this week's annual Market Access report.

And it is G20 countries - Russia, China, India - who account for the highest number of barriers such as border measures, unjustified regulatory barriers, tariffs or quotas.

So Europe's challenge for next week's G20 summit in Hamburg was firm: we will defend Europe against those who do not play by the rules. So 'walk the talk', and resist the scourge of protectionism.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. European Union mulls future finance post-Brexit

In its fifth reflection paper on the EU's future, published Wednesday, the Commission looks at options for financing the EU budget following the departure of the United Kingdom.
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2. Google fined EUR 2.4 bn for breaching EU antitrust rules

The Commission fined Google EUR 2.42 billion Tuesday for giving an illegal advantage to the U.S. search giant's own comparison shopping service, thus breaching antitrust rules.
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3. Ministers make limited progress on energy efficiency

EU ministers agreed watered-down energy efficiency targets Monday, of 30 per cent by 2030, including an "unambitious" revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
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4. Green light for new EU rules on organic farming

After 20 months of discussion, EU Parliament and Council negotiators have reached an informal agreement to overhaul existing EU rules on organic production and labelling of organic products.
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5. Brussels announces portable EU pension plan

The Commission has announced plans for a new class of pan-European pension products, allowing European consumers to benefit from more choice when saving for retirement.
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6. EU launches action to tackle antimicrobial resistance

The EU has launched a new EU action plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance - a growing threat responsible for 25,000 deaths and a loss of EUR 1.5 bn in the EU every year.
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Insolvency proceedings: new rules on cross-border insolvency proceedings, first proposed in 2012 and adopted by EU legislators in 2015 to facilitate debt recovery, entered into force throughout the EU on Monday.
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