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EU acts on retail finance - EUbusiness Week newsletter 728


EUbusiness Week 728 top stories: Euro-MPs back air passenger data deal; Eurozone delays financial transaction tax deal till 2016; EU plan to make Netflix, BBC iPlayer available abroad; Germany feels heat in EU car coolant row; Chinese steel dumping threatens sector recovery in Europe; Time names Merkel as its 'person of 2015'

Publisher's Note

The Commission this week has another stab at a single market for financial services, launching a Green Paper with a view to giving European consumers more cross-border choice for their bank accounts, mortgages and insurance products.

The aim is to tackle high prices from a lack of EU-wide competition and to provide better access for consumers, as well as identify the barriers that prevent businesses from providing services across borders. Citizens have until March to provide their input into what will be an Action Plan on Retail Financial Services, due later in 2016.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Euro-MPs back air passenger data deal

European Parliament Members have backed plans to track airline passenger names as part of efforts to prevent a repeat of the Paris attacks, some of whose perpetrators travelled freely across Europe before the carnage.
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2. Eurozone delays financial transaction tax deal till 2016

Eurozone states failed Tuesday to secure a deal on the financial transactions tax but said they are aiming for an agreement mid-2016, despite strong opposition from Britain.
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3. EU plan to make Netflix, BBC iPlayer available abroad

The EU has unveiled plans that would allow travellers to get online streaming services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer when abroad by 2017 - currently blocked by complex copyright rules.
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4. Germany feels heat in EU car coolant row

The EU is to take court action against Germany for failing to force luxury car maker Daimler to use a new air-conditioning coolant deemed less likely to cause climate change.
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5. Chinese steel dumping threatens sector recovery in Europe

European and US steel producers are only slowly emerging from a 2008 sector meltdown, but already they are faced with a new challenge: Chinese dumping.
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6. Time names Merkel as its 'person of 2015'

Time magazine has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its person of the year for 2015, hailing her leadership during debt and refugee crises that threatened to tear the European Union apart.
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Morocco: the European Court of Justice on Thursday annulled a farm trade deal between the EU and Morocco because it illegally involved the disputed region of Western Sahara.
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Bulgarian justice minister resigns over failed reforms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

UK: the Union is examining a possible "emergency brake" on migration into Britain as an alternative to David Cameron's unpopular demands for limits to migrant benefits, diplomatic sources said on Thursday.
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Poland, Britain clash on welfare benefits
EU postpones talks on Russia sanctions decision
Danish soul-searching after voter snub
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Commission Watch

Hungary: the Commission has opened infringement proceedings against Hungary over a new law which allegedly prevents failed asylum seekers from winning appeals to stay.
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EU may restrict Burundi ties over rights concerns
EU boosts aid to Philippines to stimulate Muslim peace process
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Parliament Watch

Nationalism: the EU is under threat from rising populism and nationalism fuelled by a record migrant influx, Parliament president Martin Schulz warned on Tuesday.
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This week, the 30th ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly said the roots of migration, such as poverty, war and lack of human rights, need to be addressed; while MEPs in committee said redundant Finnish and Irish workers should receive EUR 3m in job search aid.
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14-15 Dec: Agriculture and Fisheries Council
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16 Dec: European tourism day 2015
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17-18 Dec: European Council
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Energy Lawyer, Energy Community
Policy Officer, Open Society Foundations
Consultant, Ramboll Management Consulting
Senior Policy Officer, Science Europe
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