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The European Union Should Thank the United Kingdom for the 'Brexit' Threat

Posted by Tomas Zdechovsky at 28 April 2016, 18:10 CET |

The European Union must face another big threat in very short period of time. There is another item on the threats list – Brexit – the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, one of the three biggest member states, from the European Union. This threat is beginning to have very realistic shape when some top British politicians, for example Boris Johnson, very popular mayor of London, or Mick Jagger, the front man of Rolling Stones, take sides with the sympathizers of the withdrawal.

According to the last poll the ratio of sympathizers to opponents is surprisingly equal. The European Union will expect the final result of the British referendum planned for 23rd June with a great suspense. What if the British people really decide to withdraw?

It is not necessary to lengthily explain why the withdrawal of the United Kingdom would cause the weakening of the European Union on the world scene. The European Union would have to face inner problems as well for sure, because the United Kingdom now serves in the European Union as the balancing element, as the counterweight of other two big countries, France and Germany.

Logically speaking, the Brexit would cause the European Union a big trouble with the shape of the extreme position strengthening of the two biggest member states to the expense of the smaller member states, including the Czech Republic, my home country. Broadly speaking, the European Union and its member states would be getting over the Brexit heavily and long as well.

I would like to look at the situation from a completely different perspective. Every crisis is an opportunity at the same time and it applies to this case as well. This crisis is a very suitable moment for a self-reflection. The self-reflection and the related ability to learn from previous mistakes can make the European Union unique.

And what benefits can the Brexit threat bring to the whole European Union? The huge success is the agreement itself made among the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union. The British managed to arrange some items advantageous for other member states as well, for example the "red card" for national parliaments (if 55% of parliaments of the member states will not agree with a decision, the decision has to be changed) or the strengthening of the inner markets related to the higher connectivity.

The British are often believed to be trouble makers trying to ruin the European Union from the inside. On the contrary, I think that the British can contribute to the necessary reform of the European Union. And it is obvious that it is absolutely necessary to make the European Union more dynamic and attractive.

Europe covers only very small part of the world, still is very varied and the United Kingdom is its inseparable part.  The motto of the European Union is "United in Diversity", and constructive critical voices from the British side pointing out the real weak spots of the European Union also contribute to the diversity.

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom would cause an unimaginable loss, because the British can substantially help the European Union to move forward. If the British leave, the European Union will not move anywhere. And that is why I believe that the British voters will do the right thing in June and that the European Union will be able to restore and will arise from the crisis stronger than before.

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Posted by LYN WICK at 08 May 2016, 01:22 CET
The UK will help the European countries by leaving the corrupt dictatorship of the EU. The federal Union State of Germany aims to have total power of the yellow area mapped on eu2020 page .My family did not fight evil,s of Germany in Two World Wars ,loosing their life to have freedom from dictatorship to just surrender our country in 2016 .Democracy and control of our country with security at our borders and to be in control of our destiny .UK is aware of financial bribes given to the Stay in the EU team ,and UK media .Threats and blackmail ,demands will not be accepted as UK will never give into traitors,corruption,fraud ,not the true Brit. We patiently await June 23rd 2016 .YOUR PLAN B WILL BE NEEDED .


Posted by Aanya Dsouza at 09 May 2016, 08:39 CET
Tomas Zdechovsky MEP

Tomas Zdechovsky

Tomas Zdechovsky is a Czech politician, crisis manager, media analyst, poet and author. In May 2014 he was elected member of the European Parliament with KDU-ČSL, part of European Peoples Party.