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EUbusiness Advertising - demographics

EUbusiness is Europe's leading independent online business information service about the European Union. The EUbusiness audience includes many of Europe's senior business people, consultants, lawyers and public-sector decision makers, as well as visitors from the EU’s trading partner countries.

Member comments

  • This is simply the most comprehensive site about EU affairs on the Net. Your site exemplifies quality and professionalism. Thank you for providing great content and services.
  • "I'd like to congratulate you on a terrific job at providing this valuable outlet to information for people all over the world! Keep up the great job! We'll always support you!"
  • "personally I find it very well organised (not like the EU)"
  • "thank you for the excellent EUbusiness electronic Newsletter...It is extremely concise, and very helpful"
  • (EUbusiness members)

EUbusiness demographics


Male : 63%
Female : 37%


up to 25 Years : 19%
26 - 35 Years : 36%
36 - 49 Years : 29%
over 50 Years : 16%

Social Class

A : 27%
B : 31%
C1 : 32%
C2 : 8%
D : 2%
E : 0%


up to GBP 9,500 : 0%
9,501 - 28,500 : 13%
28,501 - 34,000 : 20%
34,001 - 56,000 : 26%
over GBP 56,001 : 29%
Would rather not say : 12%

EUbusiness opportunities

EUbusiness wants our advertisers to do well on our site. EUbusiness is committed to providing you with the strategic planning and the creative forces necessary to fulfil and execute this program. We design the advertising programmes to help meet your objectives and enhance your advertising and marketing campaign. Please get in touch, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and concepts.

For more information, please contact:
Joanna Smyth
Sales Manager
EUbusiness, Westminster House, Kew Road
Richmond, Surrey TW9 2ND, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 7193 7242

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Nick Prag, Managing DirectorEUbusiness is a publishing venture independent of European Union institutions which informs and alerts people who want to do business in Europe - about changes to the business environment, new opportunities in the EU and networking possibilities with like-minded businesses and individuals.

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