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Energy and natural resources

Funding from the European Union for energy and natural resources

Climate action - Calls for Proposals 15 January 2013, 21:50 CET
Grants are direct financial contributions to finance either an action intended to help achieve an objective forming part of a European Union policy or the functioning of a body which pursues an aim of general European interest or has an objective forming part of a European Union policy. Each year DG Climate Action publishes an annual work programme, including information on grants that are going to be awarded during the year: the objectives, the schedule of the call for proposal(s) with the indicative amount and the expected results, the essential selection and award criteria to be used to select the proposals.

Energy 15 January 2013, 21:49 CET
Grants from the EU in the fields of Energy

Intelligent Energy Europe 15 January 2013, 21:48 CET
There are many untapped opportunities to save energy and encourage the use of renewable energy sources in Europe, but market conditions do not always help. The Intelligent Energy - Europe programme is the EU's tool for funding action to improve these conditions and move us towards a more energy intelligent Europe.

Trans-European networks 17 April 2011, 20:47 CET
EU grants and loans for energy infrastructure - TENs. New guidelines for trans-European energy networks (TEN-E) list and rank, according to the objectives and priorities laid down, projects eligible for Community assistance, and introduce the concept of 'project of European interest'. They also strengthen project coordination and now fully incorporate the new Member States.

Tenders: Energy and Related Services
137899-2014: France-La Courneuve: Public service delegation for heat production and distribution for the joint association of thermal energy networks 19-04-2014
137859-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Drilling services 19-04-2014
137847-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Drilling services 19-04-2014
137844-2014: Denmark-Toender: Drilling services 19-04-2014
137835-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Drilling services 19-04-2014
137815-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Drilling services 19-04-2014
137799-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Drilling services 19-04-2014
137795-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Services related to the oil and gas industry 19-04-2014
137785-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Well-support services 19-04-2014
137783-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work 19-04-2014
137780-2014: Romania-Bucuresti: Offshore services 19-04-2014
137775-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Well-support services 19-04-2014
137769-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Well-support services 19-04-2014
137766-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Well-support services 19-04-2014
137764-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Drilling services 19-04-2014
137756-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Well-support services 19-04-2014
137754-2014: Poland-Warsaw: Drilling services 19-04-2014
137751-2014: France-Paris La Défense: Solar photovoltaic modules 19-04-2014
137749-2014: Italy-Camerino: Petroleum and distillates 19-04-2014
137735-2014: Romania-Satu Mare: Electricity 19-04-2014
137724-2014: Lithuania-Vilnius: Petrol 19-04-2014
137699-2014: Czech Republic-Brno: Natural gas 19-04-2014
137696-2014: Ireland-Cork: Natural gas 19-04-2014
137689-2014: Germany-Frankfurt/Main: Hot water 19-04-2014
137684-2014: Germany-Frankfurt-on-Main: Hot water 19-04-2014
137678-2014: Poland-Bydgoszcz: Diesel oil 19-04-2014
137673-2014: Netherlands-Rotterdam: Fuels 19-04-2014
137670-2014: Ireland-Cork: Natural gas 19-04-2014
137668-2014: Lithuania-Vievis: Diesel fuel 19-04-2014
137661-2014: Germany-Frankfurt-on-Main: Hot water 19-04-2014
137657-2014: Poland-Dąbrowa Górnicza: Fuels 19-04-2014
137645-2014: Romania-Oradea: Electricity 19-04-2014
137632-2014: Poland-Wrocław: Lubricating preparations 19-04-2014
137625-2014: Czech Republic-Brno: Electricity 19-04-2014
137448-2014: United Kingdom-High Wycombe: Repair and maintenance services of electrical building installations 19-04-2014
137007-2014: United Kingdom-Coalville: Repair and maintenance services of building installations 19-04-2014
136807-2014: France-Bruges: Mains gas 19-04-2014
136708-2014: France-Nancy: Repair and maintenance services of central heating 19-04-2014
136688-2014: Germany-Lingen: Engineering services 19-04-2014
136563-2014: France-Villeurbanne: District heating 19-04-2014
136443-2014: Spain-Archena: Electricity 19-04-2014
136070-2014: Poland-Gdansk: Electricity, heating, solar and nuclear energy 19-04-2014
136062-2014: Czech Republic-Frýdlant nad Ostravicí: Natural gas 19-04-2014
136055-2014: Latvia-Salaspils: Electricity 19-04-2014
136054-2014: Ireland-Dublin: Diesel fuel (EN 590) 19-04-2014
136027-2014: Romania-Bucuresti: Petrol 19-04-2014
136017-2014: France-Le Havre: Gas oils 19-04-2014
136010-2014: France-Rennes: Diesel fuel 19-04-2014
135999-2014: France-Nézignan-l'Évêque: Diesel fuel 19-04-2014
135979-2014: Greece-Kiato: Fuels 19-04-2014