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This Week's Top Stories from the European Parliament - 5-9 November 2018

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European Parliament signs agreement with private TV outlets

Ahead of the European Elections in May 2019, the European Parliament today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ENEX - European News Exchange - representing 56 private TV outlets.

The partnership will deepen the cooperation between the two sides to ensure wide coverage of the European elections..

MEPs demand Bulgaria's and Romania's swift accession to Schengen area
LIBE | 05-11-2018

EU ministers should admit Bulgaria and Romania to the border check-free Schengen area as soon as possible, the Civil Liberties Committee urges.

MEPs reiterated on Monday their call on EU Ministers to take a swift and affirmative decision on the accession of Bulgaria and Romania as fully-fledged members to the Schengen area.

They emphasize that a two-step approach - first ending checks at internal sea and air borders, followed by stopping checks at internal land borders - would pose a number of risks and could negatively impact the future enlargement of the Schengen area. The decision should therefore be taken in the form of a single legal act, say MEPs.

MEPs also call on EU Ministers to decide on Croatia's Schengen accession as soon as Croatia has successfully met the required criteria.

New EU rules to boost crowdfunding platforms and protect investors
ECON | 05-11-2018

Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee voted on Monday on its position on common rules on the creation and functioning of European crowdfunding service providers for business.

The adopted text aims to help crowdfunding services to function smoothly in the internal market and to foster cross-border business funding in the EU, by providing for a single set of rules on the provision of crowdfunding services.

Crowdfunding is increasingly an alternative form of finance for start-ups, as well as for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at an early stage of company growth. A crowdfunding service provider operates a digital platform open to the public to facilitate prospective investors or lenders being matched with businesses that seek funding.

Brexit: Ensuring a smooth transition for car producers and safety on the roads
IMCO | 05-11-2018

Manufacturers who obtained a UK type-approval for their cars will be able to apply for new EU-27 approvals to retain access to the European Union's market.

The draft law voted on in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee on Monday addresses the legal uncertainty for automotive producers with UK type-approvals.

MEPs approve €17.7 million in EU aid after intense floods in Latvia
BUDG | 05-11-2018

Budget Committee MEPs have approved €17,730,519 in EU aid to repair damage caused by intense floods in Latvia in the summer and autumn of 2017, in a vote on Monday. The aid comes from the EU Solidarity Fund (EUSF).

Trade Committee MEPs give greenlight to landmark EU-Japan trade agreement
INTA | Yesterday

The European Parliament's Trade Committee gave its recommendation to approve the EU's landmark trade agreement with Japan on Monday.

The Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Japan will eventually remove almost all tariffs on goods. It opens up services, including e-commerce, maritime transport, postal services, energy and telecommunications. It also creates common rules for bilateral trade, and common standards for the two trading blocs.

Long-term EU budget: MEPs lay down funding priorities post-2020 budget
BUDG | 05-11-2018

In a vote on Monday, Budget Committee MEPs confirmed their negotiating position on the next EU long-term budget , including a break-down of the amounts foreseen for each EU programme.

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