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EU trade mark applications continue upward rise

(LUXEMBOURG) - Applications for European Union trade marks continued their upward rise in 2015, with Germany leading the way from the Member States, and Paris from the regions. Almost 90,000 EU trade mark applications were received from the Member States in 2015, according to Eurostat.

The figures show that applications made to the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in 2015 from the EU Member States accounted for nearly 70% of a total of 130,385applications made.

The highest number by far of TM applications made to the EUIPO from outside the EU came from the United States (16,881), ahead of China (4,153), Switzerland (3,997), Japan (2,593) and South Korea (2,038).

Across the EU, Germany (20,447 applications, or 23% of EU total) was top Member State in terms of applications for TM protection in 2015, followed at a distance by the United Kingdom (12,527, or 14%), Italy (9,941, or 11%), Spain (9,406, or 11%), France (7,907, or 9%), the Netherlands (4 534, or 5%) and Poland (3,665, or 4%).

After Paris (2,083 TM applications),  the leading regions in the ranking of applications to the EUIPO for trade mark protection in 2014 were Barcelona (2 022 applications) and Madrid (1 843) in Spain, Milan (1,484) in Italy, Berlin (1,275) in Germany and Luxembourg (1,253).

Full figures, Eurostat

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