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Syria must go forward without Assad, says EU

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Syria must go forward without Assad, says EU

Federica Mogherini - Photo EU Council

(LUXEMBOURG) - Ahead of a two-day conference in Brussels on the future of Syria, European foreign ministers set out their objectives for the country Monday, which do not include a future for president Bashar al-Assad.

"It is essential to keep the focus of the international community on the situation in Syria, as we enter the seventh year of the conflict," said EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, outlining the strategy.

"This requires not only humanitarian support but also a commitment to facilitate a political solution to the conflict, including a genuine, meaningful and inclusive political transition," she said.

The EU's strategy focuses on six major objectives that the EU will put at the centre of its work.

These include, first:

  • to find a framework to ensure a genuine political transition supporting the work of the UN special envoy
  • to promote a meaningful and inclusive transition in Syria
  • to save lives by addressing the humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable Syrians across the country
  • to promote democracy, human rights and freedom of speech
  • the need to promote accountability for war crimes
  • to support supporting the resilience of the Syrian population and the Syrian society.
  • There will also be a conference to support the region at large, in particular Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

The Council adopted conclusions on the political and humanitarian situation in Yemen.

And ministers underlined the EU's commitment to supporting Libyans in finding unity and stability for their country within the framework of the Libyan Political Agreement.

Foreign Affairs ministers meeting, 03/04/2017 - conclusions

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