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Facebook’s Metaverse positioning will mean Thousands of New Jobs in Europe

24 October 2021, 19:23 CET

New jobs are always welcomed, in all European countries. Facebook has just announced that 10,000 of them would be made available, around the old continent, in the span of the next five years to come.

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This will be part of the modern world, in every sense, as they will be awarded to builders of the new world: The metaverse. And they confirmed that some of them would be working from home. Here is more on the latest Facebook announcement.

The Initial Phase of Millions of Jobs to come?

Facebook is not the only company in the world interested in the metaverse. In fact, it is one of the fields where we can expect some of the most interesting jobs in the future, as well as in great numbers. The metaverse aims to recreate our world into a virtual one. The people will be able to interact on it, in a way that will be similar as to when they meet in real life, on the street. Only, they will do so from the comfort of their home. It means that more businesses will find their way on the new "streets" of the metaverse, looking to attract clients. It also implies that companies such as 12Handz, will be quite busy helping these newcomers, to provide them with the digital marketing tools they will need, from website designing to creating business newsletters.

The Facebook Virtual Experience

The new 10,000 Facebook jobs will be created in order to build a virtual experience around the various components that Facebook already has, which includes Facebook itself, but also Instagram and WhatsApp. It is to be predicted that the Facebook family will also grow, as they identify new customers needs, that they can solve through new applications and websites. But the goal will be simple and clear: To build a new computing platform, based on interconnected virtual experiences, that will be using technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, and any other that will be made available through time.

Facebook said, in the statement announcing the 10,000 new jobs, that this shows the commitment it has to keep investing and growing into the European community. The employees won't be located in only one country, since most of them will be working from their own home. Therefore, the wealth will be spread around. Exactly how many jobs each country will get, remains to be seen, as Facebook said it did not have the answer to that question, at this point in time.

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