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7 Best Commercial Lighting Trends For The Year

If you are interested in building or maintaining commercial buildings, you probably want to know about current lighting trends. Below is more information about the move towards LED lighting, total control over lighting experiences, lighting that can enhance health, and more demand for outdoor illumination.

Also, here's more information about how a building company can incorporate these lighting trends in your new building.

More LED Lighting

There are fewer fluorescent and incandescent lights these days, with a move to LEDs. This technology is advancing rapidly, faster than other light bulbs that came before.

According to a 2019 report from the Department of Energy, LEDs have passed or matched all standard lighting technologies regarding lifetime, energy efficiency, color quality, and versatility. Also, because their prices are dropping, LEDs can compete against many other lighting methods.

Why choose LEDs? They are brighter and offer enhanced light quality than other options. Further, they provide better cost performance, flexibility in design, dimming capability, and applications for low voltage. More and more LEDs are available today, so you have so many options. All these features make this solution more popular as the years pass.

Linear Lighting

There isn't anything new about linear lighting, but it's rising in popularity each year. Linear lighting features clean, elegant lines and sharp edges. So, this is becoming more common in office and residential projects.

Linear lighting can follow the lines of the building's features, offer general lighting, and even offer a bold feature statement.

Landscape Lighting

Innovative landscape lighting offers better aesthetics while offering plenty of functional benefits. The options here are as many as lighting inside the building. For example, a moveable and flexible emerald spike light can create altering signatures of light on building exteriors.

Plus, fixed landscape lighting may have handrails, bollards, and pathways that offer more safety and accessibility.

No Flicker Technology

Another lighting trend is flicker-free options, as well as a better dimming range and better reliability. The driver with this technology complies with the current IEEE standard (1789).

More Control Over Lighting Experiences

Lighting integrations can attract, engage, and retain many customers for longer by altering the appearance of a commercial light space with the touch of one button. With better control over your lighting fixtures, commercial building owners can create and deliver many settings that make the area look different and dynamic every day.

One example is innovative lighting technology created by Colorbeam. Its processor lets commercial companies establish scenes with tunability that allows users to accent public spaces in more color. You also can alter lighting environments by pressing a button.

More Demand For Lighting Outside

A person's experience with commercial property doesn't begin when the person goes through the front door. It starts when they see the building with their eyes. That's why many commercial properties are looking more to outdoor lighting as the year progresses.

Companies now have a chance to use innovative lighting solutions that enhance commercial spaces' outdoor experiences. You can feature outdoor lighting to create outdoor areas, offer higher security, and build brand recognition.

Move To Lower Voltage Infrastructure

The popularity of LED fixtures and lower lighting requirements has made efficient, more inadequate voltage lighting systems. Just a CAT 6 cable drives the luminaries. This system can power light fixtures with just 12/24/48v than 120v in a regular high voltage system.

With the incorporation of these lighting systems and trends, your buildings can be illuminated in novel ways that save energy, improve their appearance, and make them more attractive both inside and out.

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