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5 Reasons You Should Use Rotating Proxies from

01 June 2020, 18:41 CET

Improving your online experience can take on many forms, and one of the newer and more exciting ways of doing so is by using rotating proxies from Proxy servers have been around for a good while and offer users many benefits. Rotating proxies are the newest and most updated way of implementing proxy technology and offer a unique set of benefits.

Network server - Image by Bethany Drouin from Pixabay

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server, in the simplest terms, is a like the front door of your house. To get to the outside (or the internet), you need to go through the front door (the proxy). The benefits of sending all traffic through a single point means that you can use this single point for monitoring, filtering, additional security and many other uses. It can also, thanks to a strong caching system, decrease your bandwidth and data usage.

What Is a Rotating Proxy?

Rotating Proxies from are an evolution of the single doorway metaphor. This is still a proxy – a single point where your traffic will flow through – but with a change. With a rotating proxy, your IP address is constantly changing and every server or service you visit online will see a new, rotated IP address.

Reasons to Use Rotating Proxies from

  • No HTTPS Request Limits – As part of the security of many websites or services, your IP address will usually be blocked if you exceed the HTTPS request limits of the site. Because your IP address is constantly changing with rotating proxies from, these HTTP request limits can be bypassed.
  • Undetectable to the sites you visit – By the design of the technology, reverse backconnect proxies are undetectable to the server you visit. This is because the proxy will retrieve all the data you request from the server and pass it on to you. This is advantageous over a static IP because it assists in bypassing that HTTPS request limit.
  • Improves and increases your security – Because of the constantly changing nature of your IP address, your online habits and browsing can't be traced by IP address. Not only does this mean tracking your activity is more difficult, but black hat strategies like man in the middle attacks and session monitoring are almost completely negated as a threat.
  • Constantly new IP addresses – Your IP address is constantly refreshing when you use rotating proxies from The service has over 70,000 IP addresses and it changes the IP address you present with constantly.
  • Avoids banned proxy issues – Because of those constantly changing IP addresses, the chances of your proxy getting banned by a website or service are much smaller, eliminating the need to actively monitor and manage your proxy servers.

There are many reasons why you should consider using rotating proxies from The privacy benefits alone make it an appealing service. Considering the bandwidth savings and speed improvements of using a proxy with the security and limit-removing benefits of a rotating backconnect proxy should mean that it's a no brainer.

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