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Leveraging Startups to Help Grow your Business

No business is built in a vacuum, and few will ever succeed without first embracing lessons taught by others. Taking this a step further, direct intervention from a wide range of startups can prove an indispensable tool in helping your business fulfil its maximum potential.

Below, we explore three examples of popular European startups which, when properly leveraged, might be able to open a range of new possibilities in business success. At the very least, the implementation of these systems can give management more time to focus on other elements, and cut down on wasted hours.


Opened in 2015, Futrli is a UK-based company which specialises in small business financial analysis. Boasting the power of AI and advanced machine learning, the goal of Futrli is to enable small businesses a way to better understand their financial situations. This way, the idea is that businesses might avoid former mistakes, identify wastage, and enable better efficiency going forward.

While many of these benefits are direct, it also boasts indirect benefits by way of increasing a company's greater viability. For example, expanding your business into operating with business credit cards might become a newly available option once other elements are better balanced. In turn, these credit cards could become a useful tool in promoting further efficiency.


Also started in 2015, Barcelona-based TravelPerk is a business centred on streamlining the process of creating business trips. This is accomplished by effectively including and automating other booking systems such as Expedia, Airbnb, and Trainline, into one interconnected whole. This way, travel to and from domestic and international locations is massively simplified, whether working with individuals or groups of staff.

TravelPerk also boasts the capacity for always-available customer service, finance teams, and 100% legal compliance among its included connections. For business who rely on constant trips or those which only require occasional travel, TravelPerk has proven immensely useful and successful.

Airbnb - Photo by Open Grid Scheduler - Grid Engine


Based close to Paris, 360Learning operates with the purpose of creating effective teaching and learning solutions to a wide range of businesses and industries. Founded in 2013, the system of 360Learning is built around being able to identify which elements or individuals within a business perform the best, and then enabling the creation of tools for other to learn these skills.

Offering modern and consistently evolving authoring technology, as well as high-level analytics and system automation, the idea here is to get everybody on the same highest possible level of performance. If teaching new skills is a large part of your business, then this system can provide the effective avenues needed to make drive your team forward.

len teaching - Photo by Adam McGuffie

While these are only three examples of a much larger world, it's important to note just how profound the benefits of each of these systems can be. Both in streamlining existing processes and creating new ones to enable better future outcomes, these startups can be immense savers of time and money. No matter how old your business might be, it can be worth investigating the possibility of these options going into the next generation of development.

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