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What are the Best 4x4s for Businesses?

In the market for a new company car? You cannot go wrong with a 4x4 because these vehicles can make it easy and comfortable to transport multiple people with plenty of storage space, plus their strong ability on the road ensures that this is a type of car you can rely on even in the midst of winter - they can also look great too.

Here are a few of the best 4x4s to consider for your business:

Land Rover Discover

Land Rover are the kings when it comes to 4x4 so you can be sure that this will be a smart investment and one which can also help your reputation as they are somewhat of a status symbol. The Land Rover Discovery has great looks, a luxury interior and a superb driving performance. Additionally, the low emissions mean that it is affordable to tax too to help keep costs down.

Ford Kuga

Ford is a brand known for making highly reliable vehicles and the Kuga is no different. It shares many similarities with the UK favourite Focus but the size means that there is plenty of space for passengers and storage, plus the efficient engine and 135g/km of CO2 will help to keep costs down. If you buy in the used car market, be sure to arrange an extended warranty from somewhere like ALA for protection.

Mazda CX-3

If you are looking to turn heads with your new company car then you cannot go wrong with the sleek CX-3 from Mazda. Much more than just a pretty face, the CX-3 has an agile performance, lots of great tech and low emissions which will help to reduce tax.

Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai has become the most popular SUV and this is for good reason. It ticks all the boxes in that it is stylish, comfortable, spacious, reliable and practical so it is a smart purchase for any business. While it can be expensive, the low running costs and superb owner experience ensure that this is a great investment.

Renault Kadjar

The latest version of the Kadjar is a big upgrade and now a great company car. This is because it has a huge amount of interior space with a high-quality cabin, a striking design and an impressive four-wheel-drive system that can handle tough terrain. It is also cheaper to run than the Qashqai with slightly lower emissions and greater MPG.

4x4s can make for excellent company cars and the above are all excellent models which would benefit any business due to their performance, size, running costs and reliability - all key factors when choosing a car for your company.

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