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The Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps To Try

With all the daily expenses and responsibilities, managing your cash might not be the easiest thing to do. As such, tracking your expenses and keeping track of your bank records can get a little tricky, especially when maths isn't your strongest suit.

Fortunately, you can keep up with your expenditure using budgeting and personal finance apps. These apps will not only help you get enough cash to try a bookmaker reviewed by Betminded, but they are also useful in managing your credit score.

Here's a list of the best three budgeting apps that Android and iOS users can install on their smartphones today.

1. Best Overall: Mint

Mint is among the most popular personal finance apps that give you a complete picture of your financial status all in one place. The app pulls your transactions from your debit and credit cards, categorizes them, and allows you to see how your money is spent.

With Mint, you'll not only have the power to track your bills but also set a budget you can manage. You can access your credit score for free and also get a simple breakdown of what's contributing to your current score, helping you to stay in top financial health.

2. Best Wealth Management App: Personal Capital

This wealth management and personal finance app let you manage your investments and assets along with your daily expenditure accounts. The app integrates with 14000+ financial institutions, allowing you to manage all your accounts on the same app.

Besides tracking your expenses, the app's strongest suit is helping you optimize your investments and track your portfolio by individual security, asset class, or account. It also offers registered financial consultants who will provide customized financial advice tailored to suit your goals.

3. Best for Paying Bills: Prism

Have you ever wanted to view all your financial accounts and bills in the same place? Well, Prism just made that a reality. The app gives you a clear picture of all your finances and keeps tracks of your bills while sending you reminders when they're due.

You can set the Prism app to automatically pay the bills for you when they're due, helping you avoid fines from late payments. Even better, you don't need to sign into multiple accounts when settling your bills.


Though almost everyone is trying to improve their budget and how they save their money, it may not be as you might be thinking. Fortunately, the tech world is doing everything they can to provide a solution to everyone in need of a handy tool lend a hand. The three apps above are a great choice for both iOS and Android enthusiasts, so you no longer need to worry about your budget or finances.

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