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Call for radical overhaul of online casinos in the UK

Online and land-based gambling is strictly regulated in the United Kingdom, where the UK GC makes sure that casinos and bookmakers play by the rules. Those who apply for a license here project an image of trustworthiness and provide prospective players with the impetus to tag along.

There are, however, downsides of being under the constant scrutiny of strict regulators and for some operators, the high standards imposed feel almost unbearable.

Regulators contemplate new maximum bet limits for slots

Online gambling took off some years ago and it is today regarded as the main source of entertainment for those who enjoy casino games. With the vast majority of players gambling over the Internet using comparison sites like, the UK GC is paying a lot of attention to how online casinos treat their players. The members of the parliament are also interested in regulating this environment, which brings a lot of money to state coffers. The latest bill proposed by the MPs has the potential of affecting the industry because it targets its most popular genre.

Slots represent the vast majority of games offered by online casinos and they are preferred by casual and veteran gamblers. The decision to limit the maximum bets to £2 on slots will obviously affect casinos who rely heavily on these games. The proposed bill is based on the recommendations made by the Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary group. They are particularly concerned about the prospect of players losing large amounts quickly by betting beyond their means on video slots.

The decision to restrict the maximum bet, as well as the proposed limit, isn't exactly a surprise, given the similar restrictions that apply to land-based gaming parlors. Players can't bet in excess of £2 on slots if they bet in land-based casinos, so in this regard, it makes perfect sense to apply the same set of rules. When playing online, people are even more inclined to bet larger amounts, as spending money from credit cards and bank accounts comes easier than taking cash out of the wallet.

Gambling advertisements are also under scrutiny

The regulators are acting on several fronts and in addition to limiting the maximum betting amounts on slots, they consider radical changes to gambling advertisements. The goal is to limit the TV ads during live sports broadcasts that begin after 9 PM local time. Once again, the reasoning behind this decision is to limit the exposure to gambling of the most vulnerable categories. Research is still being done to determine the impact of these advertisements, but many operators chose to comply voluntarily.

There are other forms of advertising that could be limited or outright banned and they could have a significant impact on the gaming industry. Premier League and Championship teams are often sponsored by bookmakers and casinos who use their shirts to achieve maximum exposure. There is strong political pressure to limit these ads and a part of the society is also behind such measures.

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