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Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

If you hope to remain competitive in the market in today's business environment, you need to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon. Not doing so may affect your business adversely, especially if you are a small business owner.

To help you out, we give below important tips for digital marketing for small business owners:

  1. Mobile-friendly website
    With around 80 percent of internet users browsing the web on their laptops, PCs, and mobiles, it is important to optimize your website for all sizes of screens. This will enable users to navigate across all devices. In addition, make sure that your website loads quickly and is optimized for conversions.
  2. Essential information
    Your website should include all the essential information required by your customers, such as contact information, working hours, etc. It should preferably be under 'contact' tab, to be easily accessible to your customers. This will help them in contacting you in case of any queries.
  3. Get listed
    It is important to target local customers by getting listed in local search directories, such as Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. These services are free and make your business more accessible online.
  4. Remain visible online
    Don't sit back once you get listed, but continue to identify your customers' needs and mold your digital marketing strategy accordingly. Keep your strategy simple and consistent.
  5. Content is king
    The best way to grab eyeballs is to base your online marketing efforts on content. You can do so by creating blogs for your business, optimizing it for SEO, and becoming a part of online communities. The more content you produce, the more links will you be able to tag and share.
  6. Manage your Facebook Ads using Ads Manager
    Using Facebook for marketing will get your business a wider reach. However, using Ads Manager that tests different ads and segments your target market will give you better results. Ads Manager is an ad management tool provided by Facebook for use in Google Chrome.
  7. Use social media judiciously
    Most business owners use social media to bombard their target audience with their ads and promotions. This, more often than not, proves a big turn off for them. So, don't forget the 'social' aspect of your digital marketing and engage with your audience in a manner that helps build trust and brand loyalty.
  8. Encourage feedback through online reviews
    You should encourage your customers to give feedbacks and write reviews. It has been found that shopping behavior of around 67 percent of consumers is influenced by reviews and comments. For this, it is important to take the help of review sites such as Yelp, Google reviews and the like.
  9. Email is effective
    The age-old marketing via email still remains one of the most effective digital marketing tactics. This is because everyone, irrespective of their age, regularly check emails. You can also create an email newsletter about your business and send it out on a monthly basis. You can also promote your business with special offers and discounts.
  10. Digital advertising helps
    SEO and social media posts are not enough to give your business the kind of exposure it needs. You will need to go for pay-per-click online ads and also use social media channels for the same. Online advertising enables you to narrow your target audience search by choosing the right keywords.
  11. Spruce up your LinkedIn profile
    Bulleted text is a much-preferred way to get your profile read by your potential customers. So, make your LinkedIn profile stand out by using bullet points, arrows and the like next to your core skills or abilities. This will also make the profile easy to read.
  12. Re-marketing works
    If you are wondering what re-marketing is, it is simply advertising to people you are already connected with. These include your website visitors, your email database, your Twitter or Facebook followers, and the like. Good news is all the major advertising tools, such as Google Ads, offer re-marketing that gives higher returns with minimal costs.


Small business owners will do well to adopt digital marketing urgently. Doing so will see their business soar, bringing in huge profits. However, learning digital marketing tactics is important. The aforementioned tips tell you how.

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