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You are here: Home Focus European Patients' Forum welcomes the Council's decision to relocate the European Medicines Agency in Amsterdam

European Patients' Forum welcomes the Council's decision to relocate the European Medicines Agency in Amsterdam

24 November 2017
by EPF -- last modified 24 November 2017

Being closely involved with the activities of the EMA through the Patient and Consumer Working Party (PCWP) and the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC), we are highly aware that the relocation process will, even in the best circumstances, lead to some disruption and reduced capacity.


The EMA is a network of regulators and external experts, and it works with more than 4,500 experts from 28 Member States plus other countries, in addition to its own nearly 900 staff. The EMA is also a recognised leader regarding the involvement of civil society in its activities.

We are therefore happy that the EU Member States acknowledged the vital role played by the location in ensuring the EMA's continued capacity to function and perform its role in safeguarding public health. The Council's decision on 20 November was a wise one, which put the interests of European patients and citizens at the centre.

EPF hopes this decision will lead to minimal disruption in the capacity of the EMA to continue performing its essential duties. We call for a smooth relocation process and one that will ensure the continued involvement of civil society, particularly patient representatives and organisations in the Agency's work. Patients are participating as members of the EMA's scientific committees and its Management Board, and are regularly consulted as experts to participate in scientific discussions, speak at workshops and review documents intended for the public.

"EPF and its membership of 74 pan-European organisations representing patients are fully committed and prepared to support the Agency as much as we can during the upcoming transition period," said Marco Greco, EPF President and Member of the EMA PRAC.

EPF currently represents 74 members, which are national coalitions of patient’ organisations and disease-specific patient organisations working at European level. EPF reflects the voice of an estimated 150 million patients affected by various chronic diseases throughout Europe.

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