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Small retailers and wholesalers call for support to embrace digital

08 November 2017
by EuroCommerce -- last modified 08 November 2017

Today, at EuroCommerce’s annual SME Day, retail and wholesale entrepreneurs shared their experiences of doing business in a tough trading environment.


They showed how they were equipping themselves and their people to face and take advantage of the digital challenge. They called on EU decision-makers to support them in taking advantage of the digital revolution; digital skills are in short supply in the whole economy, and smaller traders lack the time to find them, and the resources to build digital expertise.

Speaking at the event, Kenneth Bengtsson, President of EuroCommerce, said:

"SMEs need support at all levels, local, national and European, to grasp the new opportunities of offered by digital technologies and new consumer behaviour. With the right support, they stand ready to innovate and develop new services to serve their customers better. Decision-makers are, I know, aware of this challenge, and we look to them to support our SMEs, but also to ensure a level playing field for all forms and channels of retail and wholesale."

The 6th edition of the SME Day also marked the launch of a new EuroCommerce report "Retail and wholesale SMEs working for growth". The publication sets out those challenges, and provides examples of how SMEs and their business associations across Europe are working successfully to embrace change, train their staff, and contribute to the vitality of city centres.

EuroCommerce is the voice for six million retail, wholesale, and other trading companies. Its members include national commerce federations in 31 countries, Europe's 27 leading retail and wholesale companies, and federations representing specific sectors of commerce.

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