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How will Brexit affect parcel delivery between the UK and Europe?

19 September 2017, 18:32 CET

Brexit will affect almost every business, including parcel delivery services. Sending a parcel between the UK and Europe will no longer be as simple as dropping it off at the post office for a small fee. In fact, shipping costs are estimated to rise by 30 per cent.

Although Britain won't officially be leaving the EU for months to come, you should be aware of how UK exports to Europe will be affected. To find the best low-cost yet reliable delivery service, please visit

Increased domestic shipping

It is likely that the uncertainty of Brexit will see a rise in domestic activity from consumers living in the UK. In other words, the shipping industry will notice a significant rise in demand for packaging and freight services. Since 80% of global markets are based outside of Europe, there's no real evidence to prove how fast these changes will be implemented.

UK exports to Europe

One of the biggest benefits of being a part of the European Union was to have free trades between countries that are also part of the EU. Despite the fact that demand has declined over the past few years, state members of the EU are still responsible for more than 40% of British Exports. Leaving the EU will result in more complications involving exports and imports and well as slower parcel delivery times.

Slower parcel delivery times

As Brexit plans are put into action, you should expect to see slower parcel delivery times. As soon as the UK officially leaves the EU, every package that is sent to and from the UK will need to go through customs and successfully pass a number of safety practices. On many occasions, parcels require no more than a security scan and moves region to region at speed to be collected today and delivered to the desired destination tomorrow but when Britain leaves the EU, the probability of this happening is feared to change.

Duties & VAT

As well as parcels being sent outside of the UK, it will also affect every item that is soon to enter the country one Britain has left the EU. It is expected that any item worth over a value of £15 will be liable to VAT. The price of VAT may even be approximately 20% of the total value of the item. So before you send an expensive item abroad, you may want to consider the amount of VAT you'll be required to pay.

The prices of goods

Just like you will notice a rise in VAT on goods sent abroad, you can expect to see similar price surges in the UK for items found on the high street by no less than 30%. For example, a pair of Nike trainers that cost you £59 now could cost up to £88 in the near future – an additional £29 for the same pair of trainers!

No one can exactly pinpoint how Brexit will affect parcel delivery between the UK and Europe, but what is certain is that these estimations are highly likely to impact our everyday lives. More than the obvious will be affected when it finally comes to the UK departing from the UK, including the cost of premier foods found in your local supermarket but for now we should continue to go about our daily business.

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