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If You Are Thinking about Moving to Costa Rica, Here's What You Should Know

23 October 2017, 21:33 CET

Central America can be a tempting destination for a vacation. But what happens if you fall in love with the beaches and the rainforests?

If you feel like you do not want to live you can consider moving down to Costa Rica. This tropical piece off heaven is attracting more and more people who go there to experience real freedom.

If you are serious about moving to this tropical paradise, there are a few things you should learn about in order to be able to become a resident, settle down and maybe open a business.

How to become a permanent resident

Before taking this step you should know that Costa Rica offers a 90 day tourist visa to most foreigners. Will get the visa automatically at the customs and it does not cost a thing. However, you should know that you will have to prove that you are just a tourist and you will not stay for more than three months. However, there is a loophole for this visa, if you leave the country even for a few days you will get a new visa when you return. This can be one way to become a Costa Rica citizen without being one officially. However, this method is borderline illegal so we do not recommend it, although it may be fine a few times.

If you really want to move to Costa Rica you should use the tourist visa in order to explore the country and see if that is what you really want. When you are really sure this is what you want, you can apply for residency. After that you can become a citizen after you spend seven years in the country (five years if you are from certain Spanish speaking countries or two years if you are married with a Costa Rica citizen. You can ask for the help of certain programs such as in order to find out all the necessary steps.

Opening up a business in Costa Rica

If you want to have a business down in Costa Rica you have to plan it carefully. Make sure you are aware what it is like when it is low tourist season and you are prepared for the rainy season as well. You can also consider businesses as a way to get your citizenship since investors can get resident status with the Investment Program.

Buying real estate

The Costa Rica dream can become complete with a beautiful house on the beach. If you are really sure that’s what you want you can start looking for a place, but you have to be really careful. Get to know the local market first and think about what you want.

Since most locals prefer to rent their places instead of selling them, you can always consider buying some land and building your own house. This method can even be less expensive and safer than purchasing real estate.

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