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Who celebrated Europe Day? - EUbusiness Week newsletter 785


EUbusiness Week 785 top stories: EU raises growth forecast for uneven recovery; Brussels looks to address globalisation concerns; Antitrust investigations to target e-commerce sites; EU set to lighten burden on derivatives sector; Slow progress on Digital Single Market: review; EU agrees better access to books for blind people

Publisher's Note

The only official Europe Day event in the UK took place in Scotland, which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU in last year's Brexit referendum. And apparently a large EU flag was hung from Maidenhead Bridge near here.

A gesture of defiance. Or an understanding of the importance of May 9, which marks the day in 1950 when Robert Schuman, a founder of the EU, outlined in his 'Schuman Declaration' a vision to unite European states into a single community. It is not a bad thing to remember Schuman's dream, to create a different Europe which would work together to overcome conflict, and would grow stronger step by step.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU raises growth forecast for uneven recovery

The Commission raised growth prospects for Europe's economy in its Spring Forecast Thursday, but warned that despite a fifth year of growth, recovery in jobs and investment remained uneven.
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2. Brussels looks to address globalisation concerns

The EU executive has published a reflection paper on how the EU should deal with globalisation in the future, launching a debate on its benefits and downsides for Europeans.
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3. Antitrust investigations to target e-commerce sites

Competition authorities are looking to target their enforcement of EU antitrust rules at e-commerce markets, following publication of the Commission's final report on the e-commerce sector inquiry.
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4. EU set to lighten burden on derivatives sector

The EU announced reforms to the derivatives sector Thursday, with less burdensome rules to reduce costs and regulatory obligations on market participants without compromising financial stability.
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5. Slow progress on Digital Single Market: review

A review of the state of play of the EU's Digital Single Market strategy, published Wednesday, picks out the data economy, cybersecurity and online platforms as three areas where a further push is needed.
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6. EU agrees better access to books for blind people

The EU Council and European Parliament agreed informally Wednesday legislation to make more books available in formats designed for blind and visually impaired people.
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Uber: the innovative Uber electronic taxi platform is required to obtain necessary transport licences under national law, a European Court advocate general made clear in an opinion Thursday.
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

EU-Tunisia Association Council - Schengen border controls - US air transport lease arrangements - visa liberalisation for Ukrainian citizens - EU to join international convention combating violence against women - Marrakesh Treaty
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Commission Watch

EU Support for Somalia - Eurostat: Asylum unaccompanied minors, - Spring 2017 Economic Forecast - books for blind and other disabled people - harnessing globalisation - e-commerce sector inquiry - EU-Tunisia relations - Digital Single Market review
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Parliament Watch

Brexit - citizens' rights - EU job-search aid: former Nokia workers in Finland - Migration crisis - Europe Day: lessons from history
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EU diary

15-16 May: 9th European quality conference
15 May: Foreign Affairs Council
15-16 May: Youth conference
17-18 May: European electricity regulatory forum
18-19 May: European maritime day conference
18-19 May: Foreign Affairs Council
18 May: Justice and Home Affairs Council
18 May: European financial integration - EC-ECB conference
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Advocacy officer, Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies
EU Agriculture and Bioenergy Policy Officer, BirdLife Europe
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22 May, Brussels: European Business Summit
6 Jun, Brussels: EU Action Plan for nature, people and the economy
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Europe Day, May 9


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