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Overhaul for EU procurement - EUbusiness Week newsletter 644


EUbusiness Week 644 top stories: 'Troika' takes flak from MEPs over crisis conditions; Europe tightens up financial market rules; Bulgarian and Romanian migrants are net contributors; EU cuts CO2 emissions for vans by 28 pct; Brussels to probe US film licensing to pay-TV firms; Euro-Parliament votes pollen is part of honey

Publisher's Note

Better quality and value for money when public authorities buy or lease works, goods or services are promised by new EU rules on public procurement and concession contracts, which received the green light in the European Parliament this week.

Overhauling procurement rules has been a key priority for the EU, with good reason. Public authorities spend nearly 19 per cent of European GDP through procurement, which is therefore a major driver of Europe's economy.

The changes include more emphasis on quality, innovation and the environment, and a reduction in red tape to help smaller companies. They also send a strong signal to the public, whose right it is that their money is used effectively.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. 'Troika' takes flak from MEPs over crisis conditions

Euro-MPs put the Troika under the microscope this week, demanding to know how and why the trio of international creditors imposed eurozone debt bailouts at such high cost to the ordinary public.
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2. Europe tightens up financial market rules

The Union is to tighten regulation of financial markets under a deal to prevent any repetition of the rampant speculation which helped bring down banks and crash the global economy.
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3. Bulgarian and Romanian migrants are net contributors

Bulgarian and Romanian migrants contribute more than they cost to Western European economies, especially to Britain and Ireland, a Swedish economist said on Tuesday.
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4. EU cuts CO2 emissions for vans by 28 pct

The European Parliament has signed off on new carbon dioxide restrictions for commercial vans that will slash emissions by 28 per cent from 2020.
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5. Brussels to probe US film licensing to pay-TV firms

The EU has launched a probe into licensing arrangements by the major US film studios which may prevent European pay-TV operators from showing their movies in more than one country.
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6. Euro-Parliament votes pollen is part of honey

After years of wrangling and a ruling by the EU's top court, Euro-MPs agreed Wednesday that pollen is a constituent of honey and not an added ingredient.
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Prison time: the European Court of Justice ruled Thursday that periods in prison cannot be taken into account to obtain a permanent residence permit in a member country.
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Ukraine opens 'kidnapping' charges against Tymoshenko lawyer
Romanian top court rejects MPs' 'super immunity' legislation
Latest Court of Justice judgements
EU Law Firms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Iran: the EU will begin lifting sanctions against Iran on Monday, say sources - the minute it receives word that Tehran has begun implementing a deal to curb its nuclear programme.
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Hague spurns demands for British EU veto
Israel PM slams EU 'hypocrisy' on settlements
N Korea's first ambassador to Spain presents credentials
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Commission Watch

Cuba: the EU is preparing to normalise ties with Cuba following a decade-long dispute over human rights, EU diplomats said on Thursday.
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Citizenship 'not for sale' says Commission
Barnier throws name in race for Commission presidency
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Parliament Watch

Migrant fears: Parliament on Thursday sharply criticised calls by some EU states, notably Britain, for curbs on migrant numbers as a feared influx from Bulgaria and Romania has failed to materialise.
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Parliament approves Germany's Lautenschlaeger for ECB seat
Also this week, MEPs in plenary called on the Commission not to allow the genetically modified maize crop Pioneer 1507 on the EU market; hailed the progress made by Serbia and Kosovo in 2013 on their path to the EU, and awaited further decisions from Iceland on how to proceed after its decision to put the accession talks process on hold.
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EU diary

20 Jan, Commission to push forward potential of ocean energy
20 Jan, Foreign Affairs Council
22 Jan, Commission presents Communication for a European Industrial Renaissance
24 Jan, Water innovation - EUR 50m to support innovative solutions in water-related challenges
28 Jan, Economic and Financial Affairs Council
The Week Ahead
Long-term diary

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