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Government is cooperation - EUbusiness Week newsletter 748


EUbusiness Week 748 top stories: EU looks to key partnerships to tackle migrant crisis; Euro hopefuls not yet ready to join; North Seas countries to cooperate on wind energy; Red tape cut if you move to another EU country; Member States back prospectus reform; New EU rules on card fees enter into force

Publisher's Note

Interesting to note the various legislative developments in Europe this week: agreements on unregulated fishing, safety rules for passenger ships, cooperation on energy and wind farms, partnerships with third countries regarding migration, air transport agreements, prospectus reform for access to capital markets and new rules on payment cards.

The message? Meaningful government in today's globalised world is not possible without international cooperation. It is dishonest to suggest that it is.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU looks to key partnerships to tackle migrant crisis

A new focus on third country partnerships in conjunction with development aid to tackle root causes of migration was promised by the EU Commission in a new plan set out Tuesday.
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2. Euro hopefuls not yet ready to join

Of the seven countries legally committed to adopting the euro, none currently meets all the conditions for joining the single currency, says the 2016 Convergence Report.
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3. North Seas countries to cooperate on wind energy

Nine countries from the North Seas region have agreed to strengthen cooperation on energy, with a view to exploiting in particular the potential of the North Sea as an area for wind farms.
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4. Red tape cut if you move to another EU country

Bureaucratic procedures for Europeans moving to another EU country for study or work are being cut, following a vote by Euro-MPs Thursday endorsing a deal previously struck by Parliament and Council.
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5. Member States back prospectus reform

Member States have given their backing to a proposal to overhaul prospectus rules that apply when firms wish to tap Europe's capital markets.
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6. New EU rules on card fees enter into force

New rules to make the costs of payments with debit or credit cards more transparent to retailers and consumers and allow them to make efficient choices entered into force Thursday.
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Spanish copyright: a Spanish scheme for fair compensation for private copying finance by the state is contrary to the EU's copyright directive, the European Court of Justice ruled on Thrusday.
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13-16 Jun: European Parliament Committee Meetings
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Communications Officer, Council of European Dentists
Peace Programme Lead, Quaker Council for European Affairs
Director General, European Advertising Standards Alliance
EU Policy Officer, UK Representation to the EU
Senior Legal Advisor, Milieu Law & Policy Consulting
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