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Europe must regain trust - EUbusiness Week newsletter 752


EUbusiness Week's 752 top stories: Spain, Portugal missed budgetary targets, says EC; Canada trade deal sent to EU states for ratification; EU outlines next steps in fight against tax avoidance; MEPs call for more ambitious A-G scale for energy labels; MEPs veto alertness claims for energy drinks; Barcelona, Real Madrid 'in breach of EU state aid rules'

Publisher's Note

The EU as a whole needs to unite to regain trust and to fight nationalism, Slovak prime minister Robert Fico told MEPS in this week's debate on Slovakia's new EU presidency. There was work to be done on overcoming fear, he said - of migration, of terrorism and of economic problems. But the EU should also "listen more closely to critical voices" and "become more flexible, less bureaucratic and more responsive to diversity". He promised a deep reflection on what the EU wants and must offer to the European public. Maybe the UK's referendum result will not be without benefit.

Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Spain, Portugal missed budgetary targets, says EC

The European Commission confirmed Thursday that Spain and Portugal will not correct their excessive deficit by recommended deadlines and now risk financial sanctions.
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2. Canada trade deal sent to EU states for ratification

The Commission looks to have given in to political pressure and sent the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada to EU governments for signature.
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3. EU outlines next steps in fight against tax avoidance

In the light of the Panama Papers leaks, the Commission has outlined its next steps in efforts to boost tax transparency in the fight against tax evasion and avoidance in the EU.
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4. MEPs call for more ambitious A-G scale for energy labels

The EU Parliament voted Wednesday for a simpler and more stringent A to G scale for energy labels showing the energy efficiency of household appliances to keep pace with technological progress.
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5. MEPs veto 'alertness' claims for energy drinks

Euro-MPs voted on Thursday to veto Commission plans to allow claims that sugary drinks and energy drinks containing caffeine boost 'alertness' or 'concentration'.
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6. Barcelona, Real Madrid 'in breach of EU state aid rules'

Barcelona and Real Madrid were among seven Spanish football clubs deemed by Brussels Monday to have been granted unfair advantage under EU state aid rules.
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McDonald's: the EU Court ruled Monday that the repute of McDonald's trade marks makes it possible to prevent registration of trade marks which combine the prefix 'Mac' or 'Mc' with the name of a food or drink.
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Palestine EU border assistance mission extended
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Commission Watch

Fiscal situation in Spain and Portugal - container liner shipping companies - inspections in rail passenger transport sector - European Border and Coast Guard - Security of Network and Information Systems - cybersecurity - Anti-money Laundering Directive - tax abuse - EU-Canada trade deal
Council ...
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Parliament Watch

Dombrovskis to assume Financial Stability, Capital Markets Union - energy drink 'alertness' claims - Brexit Impact and consequences - protection for whistle-blowers - Energy efficiency of home appliances - 2017 EU agenda - policing of EU external borders - Cybersecurity
Commission ...
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EU diary

11-14 Jul: European Parliament Committee Meetings
11 Jul: Eurogroup
12 Jul: Insolvency frameworks within the EU
12 Jul: Economic and Financial Affairs Council
12-13 Jul: EU-China Summit
15-16 Jul: Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
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