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EU imposes Ukraine sanctions - EUbusiness Week newsletter 649


EUbusiness 649 top stories: EU sanctions Ukrainians with 'blood on their hands'; Ministers make limited headway on new bank rules; EU gives Switzerland time, without budging on migration; EU puts low-cost, classic airlines on same state-aid norm; EU plans more tests for horsemeat in food; Researchers working on social media 'lie detector'

Publisher's Note

The Commission last week marked the mid-point of the EU's Strategy for the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015, which aims to ensure farm animals are not maltreated. With animal welfare now embedded in the Lisbon Treaty, it is on equal footing with other key Union principles such as promoting gender equality and protecting personal data.

A strong and transparent regulatory framework on animal welfare helps maintain the EU's status as a major food exporter and importer. However, the Commission stresses it does not have the power to enforce animal welfare legislation. This remains up to the Member States.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. EU sanctions Ukrainians with 'blood on their hands'

The European Union on Thursday agreed to slap a travel ban and asset freeze against Ukrainians with "blood on their hands" but named no names, saying that depended on developments.
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2. Ministers make limited headway on new bank rules

EU finance ministers made only limited progress Tuesday to find a compromise with the European Parliament on how to wind up failing banks before they can damage the wider economy.
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3. EU gives Switzerland time, without budging on migration

The EU says it cannot compromise on the principle of freedom of movement but will allow Switzerland time to find a solution after a controversial referendum approved immigration curbs.
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4. EU puts low-cost, classic airlines on same state-aid norm

The Commission on Thursday amended state-aid rules to put low-cost airlines on a par with traditional carriers which complain their rivals can undercut them because of unfair local subsidies.
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5. EU plans more tests for horsemeat in food

The EU will carry out a second round of tests to see if horsemeat is being passed off as beef, after last year's scandal rocked public confidence in food safety standards.
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6. Researchers working on social media 'lie detector'

Researchers from five European universities are working on a system that could quash rumours spreading on social media by identifying whether information is accurate.
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Kosovo ex-minister charged: a former Kosovo transport minister has been charged with organised crime and corruption in the second such indictment against him, the EU's EULEX mission said on Thursday.
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Zimbabwe: the Union on Monday lifted a visa ban and assets freeze against members of Zimbabwe's ruling elite with the exception of President Robert Mugabe and his wife, who remain blacklisted.
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EU offers EUR 12m to destroy Syria chemical arms
Italy: Matteo Renzi to become EU's youngest PM
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Commission Watch

Bosnia: Brussels accused Bosnian politicians on Tuesday after negotiations on the Balkan country's bid to join the EU collapsed over the implementation of a key European Court of Human Rights' ruling.
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'Difficult' for an independent Scotland to join EU: Barroso
US-EU trade talks 'on track' but tough hurdles ahead
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Parliament Watch

In committee this week, MEPs voted to end the anonymity of owners of companies and trusts in a bid to clamp down on money laundering; backed a cap on the fees banks charge retailers for processing shoppers' payments; and a plan to update online payment rules.
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