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EU elections under way - EUbusiness Week newsletter 661


EUbusiness Week 661 top stories: Dutch buck populist trend as Euro polls begin; EU tackles massive food wasting 'best before' labelling; Sweden to sue EU for delay on hormone disrupting chemicals; EU challenges Russia at WTO over van duties; EU bans import of Israeli settler poultry produce; Pulp friction: Indian mango ban prompts protest in Britain

Publisher's Note

Voting in the Euro-elections is at last under way, with polls predicting a swing towards populist right-wing parties. Nearly 400 million Europeans voters are electing 751 Euro-MPs, whose job will be to examine and vote on directives, regulations and international agreements covering issues such as unemployment, debt, foreign policy, trade and climate change.

The challenges faced by the EU will no doubt prove a challenge to many of the new MEPs. Voters should consider which candidates are most qualified and capable of doing this work on their behalf. Don't forget to vote.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. Dutch buck populist trend as Euro polls begin

Dutch anti-EU populist Geert Wilders appeared to suffer a setback as the European Parliament elections took place in the Netherlands and Britain on Thursday, despite predictions of continental gains for the far-right.
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2. EU tackles massive food wasting 'best before' labelling

Several EU countries have pressed to change 'best before' food labelling, blamed for millions of tons of food being thrown away when getting a square meal is a daily struggle for many.
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3. Sweden to sue EU for delay on hormone disrupting chemicals

Sweden on Thursday said it would sue the Commission over a delay in identifying harmful chemicals in everyday products, which it blamed on chemical industry lobbying.
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4. EU challenges Russia at WTO over van duties

The European Union has launched a fresh challenge to Russia at the World Trade Organization, seeking to strike down Moscow's import duties on vans from Germany and Italy.
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5. EU bans import of Israeli settler poultry produce

The EU has banned the import of poultry and eggs from Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, including annexed east Jerusalem, Israeli news website Walla reports.
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6. Pulp friction: Indian mango ban prompts protest in Britain

A ban on European imports of India's Alphonso mango -- prized for its perfumed aroma and buttery flesh -- is drawing anger from British Indians, who say the move is unfair and deprives them of one of summer's sweetest flavours.
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Benefit tourism: EU citizens travelling to another Member State do not automatically have a right to social welfare benefits there, a lawyer at the EU's top court said Tuesday.
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Orban slams rights court's rebuke of life-in-prison law
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Merkel: largely untouched by the eurosceptic wave sweeping the continent, Germany's Angela Merkel looks set to emerge the biggest winner of Sunday's European elections.
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Bulgaria torn between EU and Moscow as Ukraine crisis lingers
Ukraine PM rejects Russia's demand to pre-pay for gas
Muted US opposition to Atlantic trade treaty
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Commission Watch

Overseas aid: Member States are only slowly increasing overseas aid and need to nearly double their efforts if they are to hit their 2015 target, a report said on Monday.
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EU needs energy union to safeguard industry
EU aims to complete Google antitrust deal this year
EU, Georgia see no Russian move against association accord

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Parliament Watch

Blog: a Dutch blog hopes to scoop the results of Thursday's Euro-Parliament elections by using a loophole to get around Brussels' demand that results be kept secret until Sunday.
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10 key facts on the European Parliament elections
Key dates in 2014 European elections
Daily snippets from the Euro-elections campaign trail
The elections for the next European Parliament are underway. EUbusiness' 2014 European elections results service is available at
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