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Ending food double standards - EUbusiness Week newsletter 800


EUbusiness Week 800 top stories: Brexit talks at an impasse, says EU's Barnier; MEPs back law for more energy-efficient buildings; Brussels pushes ahead with banking risk-reduction package; Pesticides must be checked for harmful chemicals: MEPs; EU states set for talks on new telecoms rules, 5G; Sweden EU's top performer on gender equality

Publisher's Note

Double standards in the quality of food sold in the EU came under the spotlight this week, at an EU Parliament hearing and a summit today. The issue: consumers in some central and eastern EU countries being sold food of a lower quality than the same products in the same packaging in Western Europe.

There is room for adjusting products to local tastes and preferences. But selling substandard, often less healthy products at the same or higher prices is insulting to consumers, illegal and not what the single market is for.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Brexit talks at an impasse, says EU's Barnier

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator called for trust and respect from the United Kingdom Thursday, as he confirmed he could not recommend a start on discussions on future UK-EU relations to next week's Council summit.
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EU, UK clarify position to WTO on tariff quotas post-Brexit

2. MEPs back law for more energy-efficient buildings

MEPs in committee gave their backing Wednesday to a revision of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive aiming to ensure that all new buildings in the EU are as energy-efficient as possible by 2050.
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3. Brussels pushes ahead with banking risk-reduction package

A financial system more stable and resilient to shocks will benefit citizens and businesses, the Commission said as it outlined plans to accelerate completion of the Banking Union.
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4. Pesticides must be checked for harmful chemicals: MEPs

MEPs at a public hearing Wednesday discussed the EU risk assessment of the herbicide glyphosate, demanding that pesticides be checked for endocrine disrupting chemicals.
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Member States have signalled their readiness to begin talks with the Euro-Parliament on new rules for the electronic communications sector to prepare Europe for the era of 5G.
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Gender equality in Europe is progressing at a snail's pace, according to an updated Gender Equality Index which shows Sweden as the top-performing country and Greece at the bottom.
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Tax disputes: EU finance ministers gave their green light Tuesday to a new system for resolving resolve tax disputes between Member States, including over double taxation, seen as a major obstacle for businesses.
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Latest news from the European Court of Justice
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Better protection and durable solution for refugees - Monsanto papers and glyphosate: lessons for the EU - Buildings in the EU: highly energy-efficient and money-saving by 2050 - Concerns over "dual quality" food products - MEPs advocate trust fund for Eastern partners - Debate on EU-Serbia ties - New watchdog over EU police cooperation
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Economic Adviser, European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council
EU Nature Policy Officer, BirdLife Europe and Central Asia
Project Coordinator - Primary Focus West Africa, Transparency International
Lawyer (Course Director) in European Public Law, Academy of European Law
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