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Britain's 60 birthday gift - EUbusiness Week newsletter 780


EUbusiness Week 780 top stories: 'No winners' as UK formally triggers Article 50; MEPs point to UK-EU association accord as way forward; EU blocks Deutsche Boerse - London Stock Exchange merger; 24,000 consumers use online dispute platform; Road deaths toll improves but EU targets may not be met; Students get Brussels ticket to discover Europe

Publisher's Note

The European Union celebrated 60 years since the signing of the EU Treaties this week. Britain's grim birthday present was its notice to withdraw from EU membership.

Brexit is a victory for the small-minded attitude of the Little Englander. It should not detract from the vision and achievements of the EU, foremost of which is to make another war in Europe unthinkable. And as the EU looks to the future it should be proud of "the legacy passed onto to our children: the freedom to travel, study, work, set up a business, innovate," as EP president Antonio Tajani put it.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. 'No winners' as UK formally triggers Article 50

The British government duly delivered a letter from Prime Minister Theresa May to the European Council Wednesday, notifying it of the United Kingdom's intention to leave the European Union.
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2. MEPs point to UK-EU association accord as way forward

While the benefits of being an EU member cannot be the same for a country which leaves, MEPs said Wednesday that an association agreement could be the way forward, so long as the UK respected EU standards.
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3. EU blocks Deutsche Boerse - London Stock Exchange merger

Brussels blocked a proposed merger between Deutsche Boerse and the London Stock Exchange Wednesday, saying it would create a de facto monopoly in the markets for clearing fixed income instruments.
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4. 24,000 consumers use online dispute platform

Over 24,000 complaints were lodged in the first year of the EU's Online Dispute Resolution platform, launched in February 2016 to help consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court.
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5. Road deaths toll improves but EU targets may not be met

Road safety statistics released by the Commission show a drop of 2 per cent in the number of fatalities recorded across the EU in 2016, which may not be enough to meet targets set for 2020.
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6. Students get Brussels ticket to discover Europe

A new one-off initiative under the Erasmus+ exchange programme, unveiled Monday by the Commission, will enable around 5,000 young people to travel to another EU country in a sustainable manner.
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GM bans: EU states are justified in banning genetically modified food and feed only if they can establish a clear, urgent and serious risk to health and the environment, the top EU Court's adviser said on Thursday.
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EU Court upholds sanctions against Russia's Rosneft
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Supporting the future of Syria and the region - second review of the economic adjustment programme for Greece - solidarity with regions hit by natural disasters - UK notification - Donald Tusk meeting with Prime Minister of Georgia - European response to travel document fraud - 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome
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Commission Watch

Mediterranean fish stocks - Deutsche Boerse-London Stock Exchange merger - Minority Safepack: European Citizens' Initiative - EC clears post-mandate activities for former Commissioner Jonathan Hill - International trade in goods in 2016 - EU approves Danish offshore wind farm - 2016 road safety statistics - Dow and DuPont merger - youth mobility
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Parliament Watch

Continued support for Ukraine - conditions for approving UK withdrawal agreement - London Mayor: still going to be part of the European family - Budgets MEPs back flexibility: EUR 6bn more for jobs, growth and tackling migration - closing tax evasion loopholes
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