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25 years of EU Single market - EUbusiness Week newsletter 817


EUbusiness Week 817 top stories: "Highly likely" Russia behind UK attack: EU summit; EU targets tech giants with 'fair' digital tax; Conditional EU approval for Bayer buy of Monsanto; MEPs and Council strike posting of workers deal; Registration opens for free EU wireless hotspots; Northern European cities offer best living conditions

Publisher's Note

As Britain's leaders persist on a course to exit the EU Single Market, its benefits become ever clearer. Over the last 25 years, the integration of EU economies has helped increase prosperity and create jobs. Bringing down barriers has brought new freedoms and opportunities, greater choice, lower prices, and allowed businesses to benefit from a market of 500 million potential customers. As the presidents of the EU institutions said this week in a statement: "A generation of Europeans has grown up with it and benefited from it. We will keep making it stronger so that the next generation will benefit even more".
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. "Highly likely" Russia behind UK attack: EU summit

At a summit in Brussels, EU leaders condemned Russia Thursday for the recent nerve agent attack in Britain, agreeing to coordinate their response "in the light of the answers provided by the Russian authorities".
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EU, UK agree 'decisive step' towards Brexit

2. EU targets tech giants with 'fair' digital tax

New rules to tax tech giants such as Facebook and Amazon in a 'fair and growth-friendly way' would make the EU a global leader in designing tax laws for the digital economy, says the Commission.
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3. Conditional EU approval for Bayer buy of Monsanto

The Commission approved Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto Wednesday, declaring itself satisfied with the parties' remedies, worth well over EUR 6 billion, to meet Brussels' competition concerns in full.
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4. MEPs and Council strike posting of workers deal

Workers sent temporarily to another EU country would from now on get equal pay for equal work in the same place, under a provisional deal agreed Tuesday by MEPs and ministers.
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5. Registration opens for free EU wireless hotspots

The Commission invited Europe's municipalities Tuesday to register their details for EU financing of free wireless internet hotspots in public spaces, ahead of the first call for projects in mid-May.
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6. Northern European cities offer best living conditions

Copenhagen and Bern offer the best living standards in the world for expatriates, according to a survey of the best and worst cities for air pollution, transport, personal security and cultural barriers.
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Double jeopardy: the 'double jeopardy' principle may be limited to protect the financial interests of the EU and financial markets, but only in so far as necessary to meet their objectives, the EU court ruled Wednesday.
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Latest news from the European Court of Justice
EU law firms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

European Council meeting: conclusions on Salisbury attack, conclusions on jobs, growth and competitiveness - Luis de Guindos appointed Vice President of ECB - Tripartite social summit - Elimination of Racial Discrimination declaration - Multilateral investment court - EU-US insurance agreement concluded - dates for 2019 European Parliament elections - Use of chemical weapons in Syria: sanctions list
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Commission Watch

Sustainable Finance - Global Report on Food Crises - Bayer plans to buy Monsanto - capacitor producers fine - EU counter-measures on listed non-cooperative tax jurisdictions - Digital Taxation proposals - drinking water for Gaza - WiFi4EU registration - science and innovation for European cultural heritage - Travel with your digital subscriptions - role of education in inclusion of immigrant students
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Parliament Watch

Petr Jezek to head new investigation into financial crimes - Gas: MEPs strengthen EU rules on pipelines to and from third countries - Health Committee MEPs warn against dropping vaccination rates - Safeguarding fair competition in air transport - Posting of workers: MEPs - Council deal on pay and working conditions - Budgetary control MEPs to probe appointment of Commission Secretary-General - Brexit Steering Group reaction to Joint Draft Withdrawal Agreement
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EU diary

26-28 Mar: European Parliament Committee Meetings
26-27 Mar: European Public Prosecutor's Office conference
26 Mar: International conference on cybersecurity challenges
27 Mar: International road safety and innovation forum
27 Mar: 2018 review of Solvency II implementing measures
27 Mar: Market Consultation for cash transfer products
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Senior Consultant, EU Financial Services Policy, Kreab
Policy Officer, European Federation for Services to Individuals
European Fundraising Consultant, BirdLife Europe and Central
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Senior consultant, Gplus Europe
Policy Officer, Carbon Market Watch
EU Policy Manager, European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
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Bayer - Monsanto: the Commission's competition concerns
Tax System for EU Digital Single Market
Registration open for EU financing of free wireless hotspots
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12 Apr, Brussels: EU Energy Summit
25 Apr, Brussels: European taxation in a global context
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