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Expert comment on inefficient vacuum cleaners being banned by the EU

Posted by Warwick Business School at 06 September 2017, 22:42 CET |
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Frederik Dahlmann, of Warwick Business School, Assistant Professor of Global Energy, a researcher into the low carbon economy, comments on inefficient vacuum cleaners being banned by the EU.

Dr Frederik Dahlmann said: "The debate over product standards and energy efficiency policies has been a long-standing battle between campaigners for and against new measures to phase out or ban inefficient equipment. Whether it is light bulbs or hoovers, some people object to politicians imposing tougher standards by stating consumer choice or increased bureaucracy.

"What people forget is that energy efficiency measures for our consumer goods and products, but also our homes and cars, are really the flipside to many other energy debates, for example, on the building of new power stations or the sourcing of fossil fuels.

"Reducing our energy consumption while ensuring that we get as much (if not more) output or utility from our equipment, homes and cars is the most economic and environmentally-friendly way to avoid many other energy issues and debates.

"Yes, in an ideal world companies would automatically only offer the most efficient equipment and consumers made their purchases on that basis. But despite adding labels to improve our understanding of which products are more energy efficient, consumers often end up more confused or ignore this completely.

"Banning inefficient equipment is a blunt and seemingly intrusive tool, but the wider benefits for society are significant. Consumers should ask for the most effective and efficient hoovers, not those with the highest wattage, so that companies voluntarily only offer what is ultimately in everyone's interest."

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